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Trying to contact Alexis or Latoya
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Posted by:Mar 28th 2003, 02:39:05 pm
MangoHey Clare you can e-mail me
Posted by:Mar 28th 2003, 01:02:49 pm
ClarissaHi Mango,
What is your real name? I don't remember any nicknames sorry!!! I am fine though... Thanks for replying to my message. Speak to you soon
Posted by:Mar 26th 2003, 08:15:18 pm
MangoHey Clare, I was also in Windermere with Alexis and yourself. Alexis and I were in the same class. Just wanted to say 'Hi' to you since i have not seen you since you graduated.
Posted by:Mar 26th 2003, 08:08:16 pm
brilandbeautyHi Clarissa,
I attended WHS also and Alexis just happens to be my best friend. You can contact her e-mail is Tinka is married and has her own beauty salon...unfortunately I don't have her number but Lex may. You don't remember me?? We stayed at your house one weekend. My e-mail is
holla back.
Posted by:Mar 25th 2003, 06:17:45 am
Can anyone give me an address to get in touch with some old school friends? Alexis Ross (now married) and Latoya better known as 'Tinka'

Many thanks


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