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Survey Says: Briland/Eleuthera's Best Indie Bartenders, Cocktails?
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Posted by:Apr 16th 2003, 01:47:09 pm
smittyAhh, Colin, you sound like such a nice boy, but alas, it's time to step up to the bar, put your Walt Disney drinks aside and start drinking with the men.Don't worry lad I'll float a Hibiscus in your first Martini if it puts you at ease.We here in Manhatten welcome all Bahamian culture, especially the pretty little cocktails, which we usually pass on to the children.But in all fairness, they sure taste good.
Posted by:Apr 16th 2003, 12:04:07 pm
ColinMartinis are not native to the Bahamas so should be banned for consideration for finest drink. All local, all the time, I say! If only Goombays and such were all made with fresh-squeezed Eleuthera pineapples... And rum rum rum. It's the Bahamas--not Manhattan!
Posted by:Apr 15th 2003, 02:41:17 pm
smittyBaby, untill you sipped a Silver bullet, you ain't drinkin', you jus messin' with the chemistry set..
Posted by:Apr 15th 2003, 11:41:49 am
KimberlyUmmmm, trick question, eh? ... it's best described as the incredible way that you feel right after 1. noontime lunch at Queen Conch, or 2. inhaling the fresh-made chocolate sauce topping the espresso ice cream at The Landing, 3. happily munching Sheril's grilled scampi pasta at the Coral Sands Beach bar, 4. putting away the grouper burger at the Harbour Island Marina, or 5. chowing down on the homemade coconut ice-cream at any Anglican Church bazaar. In any case, no post-prandial buzz can really get going until the Cocksbur/Mount Gay/Appleton/Babincourt ingredient has been introduced, sad to say . [Sorry, Smitty.]
Posted by:Apr 14th 2003, 10:35:15 am
smittyI thought I knew and had experienced every type of Buzz known to the free world, but I must ask you Kimberly, What on earth is a post-prandial buzz?And where can I get one? Ken
Posted by:Apr 14th 2003, 07:43:49 am
smittyI would love to reply in 30 to 50 words for cinsideration, but alas I don't know that many.Therefore I can only humbly submit the following.All those drinks mentioned are probably very delicious and no doubt very pretty to look at.But possessing a liver that soon will be elegible for a door stop, I think I'm qualified to offer my receipe for the serious libator.Special ingrediants? No.Special talents required for costruction? No.Any of you who know me have probably guessed by now it's Smitty's Silver Bullet.Thas right, the Killer Martini.Served wherever you find me , it very simply goes like this.
Swirl an ounce of dry vermouth in a martini glass( throw away all your Manhatten glasses) and dump it in the bay.Pour a generous portion of Absolute over ice and gently stir.When chilled, tenderly pour into your glass coated with vermouth, snap on Lionel Ritchie and dissappear.Soon you will stone those who would temp you with those rum concocations and you too will have a door stop liver under way...
Posted by:Apr 13th 2003, 06:52:59 pm
Richard PListening to the lovely musick on Saturday nights and have a drink mix by Inez at the Harbour Island Marina. Beautiful place and dock and bar to watch the sun set over the harbor.
Posted by:Apr 11th 2003, 03:33:53 pm
ColinWithout doubt, the finest combination of drinks and ambience is to be found at the Harbour Lounge--today and in its previous incarnations as long as the twins have worked there.

The finest drink? I would vote for Tony's Goombay Smash. Unlike many Bahamian bartenders, who place too much emphasis on the sweet side or pour too much fruit taste juice, Tony blends the tastes of coconut rum, light rum, pineapple juice etc. and shakes it just so.

The drink is simple to prepare yet offers the palate a superb combination of tropic fruit, robust rum and the refreshment that comes from the ice with which the ingredients are shaken, not stirred.

Serve with fresh popcorn and a Briland sunset and no drink anywhere --Chateau Margaux 1954 or any other snooty wine -- compares.
Posted by:Apr 11th 2003, 02:57:59 pm
KimberlyHow about ...
Leon Johnson's Bottom Harbour Club in Bottom Harbour, Eleuthera offers the
best selection of rums -- who else carries a 15 year-old Haitian rum as the
house rum? -- and live island music. I really enjoy the Sunday afternoon summertime fiestas, when the view at sunset frames Harbour Island
on the right and Eleuthera on the left.

The venerable Vic Hum club on Harbour Island -- 70 year-old home of the original Percentie Bros. calypso band -- still holds forth each night under a roofless blanket of stars. Humphrey "Hitler" Percentie, Jr. makes everyone feel at home, and mixes up a special coconut rum and cream for
that post-prandial buzz.

Tony Roberts manages the scene at the Harbour Lounge on Harbour Island, where local gossip and international travellers and island art and seven
kinds of rum meet. His trendy frozen specialty drinks are potent ... yet
it's his gentle take on a simple Vat 19 and club soda with lime that transports one back to the good old days of sitting around the old Fig Tree.
Posted by:Apr 11th 2003, 02:18:08 pm
chapelColin, Smitty, Party Man, JJ et al. ... this one's for you:

If you've got a great drink or bartender on Harbour Island or Eleuthera, and they’re NOT affiliated with a hotel, you're eligible to enter your favourites for the upcoming issue of the Out Island Destination Guide:

Does your property have a 'Specialty Cocktail' that no one else has or a special bartender with a unique personality? If you do and you'd like to have it/them listed in the Out Island Destination Guide, "Out Island Libations" write up, please submit information to our office in the form of a 30-50 word write up for consideration by noon on Monday, April 14th.

E-mail or fax your entry to:
Barbara L. Koch
Executive Director
Bahama Out Islands Promotion Board
Fx 954-475-8354

So, who's going first? Tony Roberts' neverending supply of Vat 19 at the Harbour Lounge, and Leon Johnson's welcome addition of Babincourt to the bar offerings at Bottom Harbour both come to mind ...

Contact us online at