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An Eleuthera poem from George Major
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Posted by:Apr 13th 2003, 02:04:48 pm
Fig Tree News TeamGuild for me is like a graceful

Break in the middle of the week

With noble work filled ladies who's

Toil shows in their cheeks

Its filled with ardened

Creativity drawn mostly

Around the frond and most

Natural creations I like

To call fun

I created me a basket so lovely

And so green and like glass bottle jewelry

You can make things with a bean

Things you do round the kitchen

As you sip your tea at night

Guild's filled with gracious people

So wonderful and new

They make you feel your special

Like theres a world of creativity in you

There is no set agenda just a few hours of plain

Hard work and decation that you get from all your work

Ecstatical solutions for those who use their brain

Even frond embrella's you can use out in the rain

Theres a magical solution to every question raised

And theres someone to work it out even if

It takes a couple days

Its natural arts and creations that only

Matter most and sometimes in light moments

They'll even tell a joke

So if your ever looking for solutions to a frond

Come on out to Unicorn Cay,

Banks Road by the pond.

More of George's musings can be found at Check out his latest novel, "Romance, Kalik and Conch Salad."

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