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Posted by:May 1st 2003, 04:00:38 pm
KimberlyHey, Colin: The tour groups are getting pretty cosmopolitan these days ... some 130 French folks buzzed over for a day tour of the island courtesy of the Bo Hengy, and of course loved what they saw!

Glad to report that Ronnie's Goombays are just as lovely [and potent] as ever, too.
Posted by:May 1st 2003, 02:31:56 pm
ColinYou, sir have restored my faith in humanity. I needed to know these things still occurred while I whittle away the hours covering the US Congress and thinking of a Goombay and some bottom fishing and..

I hope that Kalik is cold!
Posted by:May 1st 2003, 02:08:29 pm
BaynmurrayHey there. To answer some of your questions, it is still beautiful on the island, a few rainy days, but still lots of tourists, and music by the Youth Band (they sound great)..and the sunsets, well what can I say? gorgeous as ever,,and the Kalik is indeed cold, in fact, I'll have one for you :)
Posted by:Apr 24th 2003, 01:43:27 pm
ColinI'm dying for some Briland news! How's the reef fishing been this spring? Is Briland overrun with day tourists from Japanese tour groups? Are Kaliks still served cold and does teh sun still set over Eleuthera.

Somebody give me a fix of Briland!!!

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