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Exhibiting island pride
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Posted by:Jun 11th 2003, 11:16:08 pm
MaddieThat is wonderful POSITIVE news. If someone on Briland could make signs advertising this and post them on the doors of the all the liquor stores, we might make some progress on the litter and trash issue. I bet most of the tourists don't even know this is available. Maybe the hotels and restaurants could collect their bottles and turn them in to John also.
Posted by:Jun 11th 2003, 01:10:03 pm
JohnI talked with Perry Grant today and he has a location for people to bring beer bottles. He is located on New Dunmore Subdivision the third house North off chapel street. Chapel street is the street going to Coral Sands or Pink Sands and Dunmore Subdivision is one street beyond the Church of God. You will see bottles stored there. If ther are a large number of cases, Perry will pick up. His number is 333-2157.
Posted by:May 28th 2003, 11:25:16 pm
MaddieIf any progress has been made in this area since the last posting of May 10th it would be a very positive thing to hear about. A positive posting can only generate enthusiasm for a much needed project...
Posted by:May 10th 2003, 12:16:58 pm
MaddieI really think getting the local governement involved will be the way to go. I would love to help but I won't be back until March 1st... I'll do what I can then.
Posted by:May 10th 2003, 12:03:11 pm
JohnWe presently take bottles to Perry,s house, but not a lot of room. I'll talk to Perry when we go down in June and perhaps the local goverment.
Posted by:May 9th 2003, 11:30:06 am
Are you suggesting that local government set up a common recycling area on the island? That's a great idea ... does Perry Grant have any specific suggestions as to how and where? Being the local expert, he's our go-to guy, don't you think?
Posted by:May 8th 2003, 07:14:23 pm
MaddieI know a lot of home owners and renters would love to recycle if we knew where to take it. I really think this is something for local government to address and I hope they read this forum or that someone will pass it along to them as there have been some wonderful ideas posted on this subject.
Posted by:May 8th 2003, 05:12:20 pm
JohnGreat-- can we also encourage recycling, especially beer bottles. I know Perry tries so can we assist him with a central location to bring the bottles.
Posted by:May 7th 2003, 03:46:33 pm
MaddieWhat a great idea! This would be great thing for the youth groups at the churches or the Boys Brigade or the Girl Guides to do.
Posted by:May 7th 2003, 03:42:10 pm
Fig Tree News TeamHere's a good example of various groups within the community coming together:

Bahamas Adventures Teams With EEO To Keep Eleuthera Clean

Keeping Eleuthera Beautiful
EEO is pleased to announce a partnership with Bahamas Out-Island Adventures, an adventure travel company that operates out of Harbour Island. Mr. Neil Aberle, owner and operator, has agreed to work with EEO students on beach clean-up efforts on Eleuthera. The monthly clean-up outings afford students, teachers, and volunteers the opportunity to visit different areas of the island that have been affected by careless dumping at sea and on land. The activity fosters greater awareness among the participants and the local community of their environmental responsibility and the need for mindful stewardship to keep Eleuthera beautiful. The students who have already participated in the beach activity have been surprised at all the things they have found washed up on their shores—everything from light bulbs, watering cans, and shoes, to toys, broken furniture, and shipping crates.

Everyone who participates in the day-long clean up is rewarded with a kayaking trip off the beautiful shores where everyone can step back and take a good luck at their work. EEO hopes that this partnership with Out-Island Adventures will provide a solid foundation for students to educate their families and communities about the island environment and the necessity to safeguard it for the future.

For more information, or to support EEO, e-mail program chair Lang Fincher at or
Posted by:May 6th 2003, 11:47:55 pm
PinksandJohn and others,
Thank you for your feedback. I think the concern has now been voiced from all sides of all the "residents"
of the Island. Plese lets not just give this lip service, lets get it going and keep it going. This Island ,that God created, is to beautiful to let us humans tarnish.
Lets all do as strong a job to protect this land as Randall Johnson is in protecting the waters that grace its beautiful beaches.

Thank You......
Posted by:May 6th 2003, 08:11:56 pm
JohnFirst of all I appreciate that people are concerned. I know that Mr Pinder and the Band has on several occasions gone around town cleaning up the roadways. I know that we at SB are committed to clean from our gate to the ariport road and have done so this past two years. This is a univeraal problem as we have the asme problem in Michigan and have a adopt a road progran where groups are responsible for certain sections of highway and it always amazes me how much trash is collected. Perhaps this could be done on the Island along with an educational program in the schools. I wish we could recycle cans as we do bottles on the Island.
Posted by:May 5th 2003, 10:56:21 pm
PinksandI am very happy to hear that I am not the only one that was or is upset with this problem. I want to further thank those of you who have taken steps to try and combat this situation. While it is easy for one in the States to tell others whats wrong with their homeland (The Good Lord knows we in the States have been hearing that ourselves lately) I have always liked the saying "put your money where your mouth is" Therefore if an Island group is set up to get this done and keep it going I will send that group a check for $100.00 as a donation.
It also goes a bit deeper however, look at the yards of some of your is no ones job but theirs to get that area cleaned up. If you know who you are and need help, ask for it, tell someone you want to do your part by cleaning your yard up, but you need help. I do not think your plea will go unattended. Don't however ask for help just to get someone else to do it for you.
This is going to take a huge effort and needs to be continued, not just done now to go bad again when the job is finished.
Also let me say this.....WINTER can be part of this too. Don't hide behind some of your private little areas and complain. Do your part also.
I can give you one quick example of something I might try if the Govt of the Bahamas does not do their part. If after a resonable time your efforts for Govt help fall upon a deaf ear then try this. Take 4 or 5 wrecked autos, boats, golfcarts and various other things down to where the Fast Ferry docks. Leave them there (What else can you do, your running out of space)...I'd be willing to bet, that within a few days word will get back, very quickly, about the situation on Harbour Island . The first post mentioned the "Golden Dollar".....sometimes that dollar can work to the good, especially if the Govt starts getting feedback about what the tourists are seeing.
I have used the nickname pinksand for years in my emails etc. I believed strongly enough about this to post my real name. Many of you know who I am. I felt it would be cowardly to hide behind a "handle" while being so vocale about a problem I saw. So, I may now need to get a different "nick name" that I can no longer take friendly shots at Devon about his miserable golf game*S*
There is nothing Brilanders can't do if they work together .......
Randy Buck
Posted by:May 5th 2003, 12:40:26 pm
MaddieI left 3 weeks ago, so it sounds like some progress has been made since then. Keep up the good work!
Posted by:May 5th 2003, 12:37:45 pm
Fig Tree News TeamGreg Stuart of Daybreak Eleuthera's company was asked to step in to coordinate the removal of trash from Harbour Island to the North Eleuthera landfill when Terry Roberts' firm withdrew from the bid process.

"Terry's firm was hauling eight loads a week from the dump to the North Eleuthera landfill. We are now taking eleven loads a week," says Stuart. "The Ministry of Health's engineers visited two weeks ago to inspect the landfill and give it a clean bill of health." Greg Stuart can be contacted at Builders Square Hardware, 335-1366

Richard Johnson's Briland Waste Management firm has the contract for street cleaning of the rest of the island, including Girls Bank, parkland and government property. Richard Johnson's office can be reached at 333 2586.
Posted by:May 5th 2003, 12:29:08 pm
MaddieI think that is great idea and something local governement could organize and should encourage.
Posted by:May 5th 2003, 11:30:42 am
dillygalseems to me that each street could take charge of its own street. look at mis gwennie and mr alfred and church or god taking care of chapel street and all.
Posted by:May 5th 2003, 11:00:00 am
MaddieThank you for the info.
I was relaying this conversation to a friend who is a permananet resident of Briland and this was her take on it...
Saw the write up in the
newspapers, however after one year, we are still
waiting for many basic services that have been
promised...When the members of government speak they
are so eloquent and warm and it gives us confidence
that they are looking our for the best interest of
Bahamians...the reality of what they are actually
doing does not match their words..e.g Harbour was in a
mess with the garbage and after lots of letters to the
Nassau local govt. board the Prime Minister himself
came down to hear of our concerns..It was quite
disgusting, with garbage piling up at the end of the
island, one barge taking it away maybe once a day
etc..the contract was then taken away from local govt.
and given to Terry from Spanish Wells. Terry did an
incredible job of not only cleaning up the place, but
the ongoing maintenance as well..then, a young man
from Nassau appealed to the hoteliers and other
business persons here to assist him financially in a
clean up campaign to rid the place of old stoves,
cars, golf carts, fridges etc. as this type of
cleaning did not fall under Terry's contract..this
fellow from Nassau had a machine that crushed
everything. The response was that out of 60 persons
approached only 23 actually kept their agreement and
paid him the asked price. Everyone was given amounts
depending on the size of their business..Harbour Island
looked amazing for the first time in almost ten years
I could honestly say that it was really clean. Between
Terry and this Bosfield fellow from Nassau it was
great..In view of the fact that Bosfield was out of
pocket at the end of his project soured him, and he
returned to Nassau, thanking those who had
supported him and regretting that he was unable to
continue his job discarding of household items
..Then the new government gave the contract to a
H.Islander (political move, and Terry took his
equipment and returned to Spanish Wells. The new man,
while he has a vision, has no bloody equipment...I
will say no more..The end of the island is once again
filled with garbage as the new man is renting a barge
from Abaco, and he has no tools to dispose of the
garbage once it is taken to Eleuthera...
Posted by:May 5th 2003, 10:43:10 am
Fig Tree News TeamInternet access is currently down for repair at the local administrator and chief councillor's offices, but Comm. Cephas Cooper can be reached at 333 2275, and Chief Councillor Eloise Knowles at 333 3163.
Posted by:May 5th 2003, 10:00:12 am
MaddieI too, must agree that the Island looked very poorly this winter. I was down for 7 weeks and never once saw any efforts being made by the local government or residnents to clean things up. I had some first time visitors with me this year and their only negative comment about Briland was the trash situation.
Terri, from Spanish Wells, did a wonderful job when he had the contract and then politics got in the way, he lost his contract and the Island is a mess again.
Can the Fig Tree Team tell us who to write or e-mail in Nassau and/or at the local level to get this taken care of.

Contact us online at