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Daily Weather Report, Thanks To Barometer Bob
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Posted by:May 20th 2003, 12:30:51 pm
Fig Tree News TeamWEATHER
The very tip end of the front pushing a small trough passed by just before daybreak.

There was nothing in it except a wind shift to the NW to N. The weather is a little confused this morning but should settle down as the day progresses and higher pressure moves into the area.

A new cold front will move to the US SE coast on Thursday and slowly approach us by Saturday. Timing on this front is in question just now but we should know more in the next day or so.
Today the NWS is calling for NE winds at 15 knots with 3 to 5 foot seas. This seems a little high to me but the winds will certainly be at least 10 knots. The satellite shows that after the clouds of early morning pass, the sky should be mostly clear.

We can expect a pleasant day with a high temperature only in the low 80’s. The barometer is 1016.0 mb. or 30.00 in. and more or less steady. The tide was low at 6:32. It will be high at 12:37 and 2.5 feet above datum. Low tide is at 6:36, 0.1 feet above datum.
Tonight, the wind will began clocking towards the E at near 15 knots with 3 to 5 foot seas. The NWS is calling for SE winds tonight but I don’t think this will happen until early Thursday. The low temperature should be around 77 degrees.

On Wednesday, the wind should clock further into the E holding 15 knots and 3 to 5 foot seas. The NWS is expecting SE winds with all other conditions remaining the same.

On Thursday, the NWS and I are back in sync both predicting SE winds at 15 knots or a little higher with 4 to 6 foot seas.

Friday should see the winds clock further S possibly increasing to 15 to 20 knots with seas around 6 feet.
On Saturday, the winds will increase slightly with seas following suit and becoming 6 to 7 feet. The winds will likely clock further into the SW.

The FL coastal waters forecast follows the same pattern as we expect here just earlier. Today and tonight, they are expecting NE to E winds at 10 knots with 1 to 3 foot seas. On Wednesday, the wind will clock into the E at 10 knots becoming SE by evening. Seas will run around 3 feet.

Thursday will see the wind clock into the SE to S at 10 knots becoming SW by evening at 10 to 15 knots with 2 to 4 foot seas. By Friday, the wind will be W at 10 to 15 knots with 4 foot seas well offshore. On Saturday, the front will pass through switching the wind into the NW to N but only at 5 to 10 knots with seas building to 5 feet well offshore.

Posted by:May 9th 2003, 01:58:06 pm

The general weather picture remains the same as I have described all week. The ridge N of us will move over us tomorrow, sticking around through Tuesday but weakening some in the latter part of the period. Yesterday afternoon, we got a few scattered showers. The red sky this morning indicates the probability of further isolated showers and t-storms through the period most likely in the late afternoon.

This sure beats the weather across the US where they are having an awful spring being ripped by tornadoes.

Today through Saturday night, expect the winds to be SE to S at 10 knots with 3 to 4 foot seas. The skies should be clear to partly cloudy through the period with possible small and isolated showers and an occasional t-storm late in the afternoon. The temperature will again be in 84 degrees for a high and 78 for a low. The tide will be low at 8:48 and 0.4 feet above datum. The high is at 2:54, 2.3 feet above datum then low again at 8:58 tonight, 0.4 feet above datum. Even the tides are lackluster.

Sunday through Tuesday, will be almost a repeat of today except the wind will be more S’ly and maybe picking up to near 15 knots with 4 to 6 foot seas. The temperature could climb another degree and rain will become more likely late in the day but isolated.

The FL coastal waters forecast predicts the winds to be 10 to 15 knots from the SE with 2 to 4 foot seas through Tuesday. Isolated showers and t-storms are likely on Tuesday. You could have practically paddled a canoe across this week.

Posted by:May 6th 2003, 12:51:51 pm
Fig Tree News TeamWEATHER

This is another lackluster day for weather forecasting. There is a small cold front to our N, hence the red tint to the sky early this morning. It will be destroyed by the high to our ENE and the ridge moving in. Other than that, we will be under the influence of the ridge all week giving us nice sunny days at least through Saturday.

For today through Saturday, winds will be light, never greater than 15 knots, and from the S’ern quadrant. Seas should stay 2 to 4 feet out in the ocean. Some of the clouds that we see this morning will decrease during the day leaving us with mostly clear to partly cloudy skies through Saturday. The high temperature will be rising during the week staying in the low to mid 80’s. The low temperature will be around 78 degrees. We had a low tide at 6:14 which was 0.4 feet above datum. It will be high at 12:11, 2.2 feet above datum then low again at 6:64 this afternoon and again 0.4 feet above datum.

The FL coastal waters forecast looks much the same as here with SE winds at 10 to 15 knots all week and seas will be around 3 to maybe 4 feet. This is about as fine a passage window as you can expect.

For those of you going further N, you will find the winds more W’terly and a little stronger but not exceeding 20 knots. The same conditions will hold for passages to Bermuda but with somewhat higher seas of maybe 6 to 8 feet.

The Eleuthera, Harbour Island area and all cuts should enjoy a beautiful and calm week.


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