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Small Birland world
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Posted by:May 14th 2003, 08:27:04 am
MaddieI too have a "Briland" license plate, but mine is on a Ford Explorer in Illinois. People are always asking me what "breeeland" means, but at least they are noticing it...
Posted by:May 13th 2003, 05:55:52 pm
2brilndA-ha! That's who has the BRILAND license plate...
But yes, it is a small world. My first visit years ago was via mail boat (a "genuine" Bahamian experience few of my Bahamian friends have actually tried)and I quickly became hooked...although I favour slightly faster forms of transport these days. It's always a treat to meet others who know what "Briland" means!
Posted by:May 12th 2003, 05:23:07 pm
Richard Pthat's as much fun as running into dick haskell's wife in richmond va, where i saw her 'briland' license plates. haven't been to briland in too long a time, but have fond memories of visits there.
Posted by:May 12th 2003, 02:57:49 pm
ColinJust a little vignette:

On Saturday I spent four glorious hours getting my car fixed in a drab and drear suburb of Washington DC called Springfield. That in itself isn't very interesting.
A young lady and her parents were looking through the cars and my son kept running to the convertible that attracted the young lady's eye.

As the family prepared to leave I was on my way out and noticed the young lady had a DC license plate: 2Brilnd.

Of course, she travels to Briland every Christmas, loves it and we chatted about a few people we knew in common.

I didn't catch her name, but what a lovely event to brighten up a deadly dull and fairly unattractive day!

Briland to the rescue.

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