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Posted by:May 19th 2003, 03:26:41 pm
KimberlyJust wanted to let folks know that Kayla Davis will be at the computer center on Saturdays and Sundays until further notice ... 12-2 on Saturday, 3-5 on Sunday. As other volunteers step forward in time for the summer vacation, we'll let you know.

Karen Malcolm will be joining the center volunteer team during her stay in June, and Enna Halie will be offering workshops at the center in August. Thank you to everyone has continued to support the Harbour Island comm computer center.
Posted by:May 15th 2003, 10:52:02 am
KimberlyHi, Oprah:
Thanks for your note. I'm really sorry about the volunteer meltdown these past two weeks, but wanted to let you know that the crack tech support team of Letario Higgs, Warwick Watson and Nicholas Johnson [all alas under 18] are working hard to get the local youth council to provide adult supervision for the library center. For some reason, Harbour Island has been the hardest of all of the centers to staff with local and expat volunteers! On Eleuthera, there's no shortage of parents in place to make sure that the centers tay open ...

Please, please be patient. We'll have something in place before school's out, I promise ... and uber volunteer Don Savage and his team will be back later this summer.

-- Kimberly
Posted by:May 14th 2003, 07:22:42 pm
dillygalmy mother is letting me post his note on the board to ask that someone on the island please come open the library computer center. kimberly is gone and no one will open ip the library for us to use. what happen to all of the adults. my friends and i go up to the library every day to see whether someone will open up.

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