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Dining in S. Eleuthera
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Posted by:May 21st 2003, 02:57:17 pm
BluestarsFor Brilanders and North Eleutherans and visitors who venture down to South Eleuthera, there are three establishments that I recommend for dining out. They are, not in any particular order: (1) Sammy's place in Rock Sound. I've been going there for diner for years, and the food is consistantly good, especially the conch and grouper. Sammy is the former maitre d at the once famous Cotton Bay Club. Sammy's is a little off the beaten path, but there is a small sign along road through town. One can ask anyone for directions and find it without too much trouble. (2) Four Points in Rock Sound has both inside and outside dining. The outside dinning is right on water. One can watch bone fish, barracuda, and other fish swim by, even at night by the lights. There's also a full bar right there. The setting looks like something out a an adventure movie, but of course it is the real thing. As at Sammy's, conch and grouper are excellent here too. My wife sometimes picks a to go order for us mid-day, and we have it for lunch or save it for diner. (3) Cheryl's in Deep Creek is a special place where one is expected to make diner arrangements the day before and Cherl thus takes speical care of each diner party. However, in a pinch she will take care of people on short notice. One can call ahead by phone or short wave radio and tell her how many and what they want, i.e., loster, ribs, etc. If the diner party wants beer or wine, there is a liquor store across the street. Cheryl's is idea for large groups.
Well, these are my three recommendations. If anyone wants details, just respond to this message. Enjoy.
Keith Simmons

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