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Good News For Club Med Eleuthera: Club Med San Salvador Reopens
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Posted by:Jun 2nd 2003, 12:00:54 pm
Fig Tree News TeamFrom this weekend's Bahama Journal

Club Med To Re-open
Eleuthera Property

By Julian Reid
Within the next six months, Club Med executives will be pursuing options for the re-opening of the Eleuthera Village at Governor's Harbour with the assistance of the Hotel Corporation.

The plan will include the reconstruction of the property and the involvement of third party investors.
The pledge comes with the signing of an agreement between the Government and Club Med on Thursday.

John Vanderslice, president and CEO of Club Med for the Americas, said that his company is working very closely with the government to find a formula that works for Eleuthera.

"This agreement launches a six month study to do that," he said.

Club Med Eleuthera was closed after Hurricane Floyd caused severe damage to the property in 1999.

Mr. Vanderslice also said that it would generally cost around $35 million to $40 million to remodel a property such as the one in Eleuthera.

The development agreement also includes Club Med properties on San Salvador and Paradise Island.

The San Salvador property was reopened on December 7 last year and, according to Mr. Vanderslice, $6.5 million was spent on its reopening.
This included bringing 500 travel agents and 200 journalists to publicise the property.

He said that projections indicated that there would be 35,000 guests and 150,000 bed nights there for 2003.

Other aspects of the agreement include working closely with the Ministry of Tourism to promote The Bahamas as a premier destination; establishing a joint training programme with the Ministry of Education; working with the Antiquities Monuments and Museum Corporation to restore historic sites on San Salvador; pursuing linkages with local entrepreneurs and providing opportunities for the procurement of supplies from local suppliers especially agricultural and marine products among other things.

The government has upgraded the airport at San Salvador to accommodate large aircraft from Europe and North America in addition to making a commitment to upgrading the water and telephone services there.

Prime Minister Perry Christie said that the agreement was something he truly welcomed.
"It represents a renewed initiative from a major European developer, especially at a time when the fortunes of hotel companies in the world are declining," Mr. Christie said.

He said the re-opening of the Club Med at Columbus Isle signifies a relaunching of San Salvador.

Mr. Christie also said that it was part of the Government's plan "to strengthen the existing Bahamian and non-Bahamian enterprises in the area while at the same time linking Club Med's major initiatives with those of other resorts in Rum Cay and Cat Island."
Posted by:May 31st 2003, 11:58:57 am
Fig Tree News TeamSan Salvador Club Med relaunched
Agreement seen as economic boost for island

By LINDSAY THOMPSON Guardian Business Editor

The island of San Salvador is banking on an economic revitalisation with the relaunching of Club Med Columbus Isle. The Government and principals of Club Med signed a major tourism cooperative agreement aimed at making the property a worldwide flagship for the company at the Cabinet Office on Thursday.

The agreement also calls for "significant economic importance" for Club Med's properties on Paradise Island and Eleuthera.

Prime Minister Perry Christie welcomed the renewed initiative by a major European developer, especially at a time when the fortunes of a number of hotel companies are declining.

John Vanderslice, president and CEO of Club Med Americas, said the signing proves the Government wants to be "true partners" in supporting the hospitality industry for the benefit of Bahamians.

He said there are obviously challenges in operating in the Caribbean with high operating costs, strong competition from other destinations and the need for infrastructure improvements.

Club Med has invested more than $120 million in The Bahamas, pioneerin the first large tourism resort in the Family Islands.

The agreement comes on the heels of Monday's agreement between the Government and Kerzner International for a $600-million Phase III expansion to the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island. When complete, the country's largest private employer will have invested close to $2 billion in the property.

The Prime Minister on Wednesday in his budget said that the reopening of Club Med in San Salvador and the recent announcement of a $130 million-project for Abaco are confidence boosters for the Bahamian economy. It is expected that similar anchor projects will be announced soon for the Exuma cays, South Eleuthera, Rum Cay, Cat Island, Grand Bahama and other islands.

"We are excited about our continuing relationship with the people of The Bahamas," Mr Vanderslice said. "This village symbolises perfectly Club Med's leadership position, and our total all-inclusive programme."

Club Med has carried out a refurbishment of its San Salvador resort, which it reopened last December following major promotions in Europe, the United States and Canada.

The Prime Minister pointed out that the Government has carried out the necessary upgrade and equipping of the San Salvador Airport to accommodate wide-body aircraft in non-stop flights from Europe and North America. Boats would also be able to berth at the Government's dock on the island.

Club Med has committed to:

* Working closely with the Ministry of Tourism to promote The Bahamas as a premier tourism destination;

* With the assistance of the Hotel Corp.

over the next six months pursuing options for the reopening of the Eleuthera village at Governor's Harbour, including reconstruction and involvement of third-party investors;

* Establishing a joint training programme with the Ministry of Education to provide technical training to Bahamians and expanded opportunities in various Club Med villages;

* Working with the Antiquities Monuments and Museum Corp. in exploring programmes to restore historic sites on San Salvador as tourist attractions;

* Working cooperatively to pursue links with relevant sectors of the local economy, including resorts and local entrepreneurs;

* And providing opportunities for procurement of supplies from local suppliers, especially agricultural and marine products.

Posted Friday 30 May, 2003

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