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Library Update, June 4 through July
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Posted by:Jun 11th 2003, 12:35:51 pm
luciaKeep on keeping on! You've got great help and you can do it!
Posted by:Jun 10th 2003, 03:11:36 pm

We will send only hardbacks unless the satellite libraries might like some paperbacks. Let me know.

Also, we may carry the books with us on a visit to Briland. We have to do a little more planning.

You'll get them one way or another!!

Posted by:Jun 9th 2003, 09:35:14 pm
JudyDear Colin,
Thank you for your offer of books for the library. The book committee spent several months cleaning the existing volumes and "weeding" out those inappropriate, in physically bad condition, or outdated. Having had to remove so many, we would be delighted to accept the hard cover text books that you think would be appropriate for the business people on Harbour island or that might be of benefit to students up to grade 12. The "good reads" if in hard bound editions would be great as well.
Our goal is to develop a permanent collection - in keeping with this policy we would not be interested in the paperbacks you mentioned. We definitely want to include a collection of science fiction and fantasy, but will again hold out for hard bound copies.
Below is information for sending them by mail:
Mrs. Cox, Customs Officer
Harbour Island Bahamas
c/O Mr. Tom Hanford
G&G Shipping
760 N.E. 7th Avenue
Dania Beach,Florida 3300


G & G Shipping in Florida has graciously agreed to ship them to Harbour Island at no charge.
It is gratifying when people such as yourself offer to help. Many thanks!
Posted by:Jun 9th 2003, 03:04:19 pm
chapelHi, Colin:
That's such a nice offer! Whatever Judy and Rickey and Pascal can't use from your collection with regards to the Harbour Island library, the Eleuthera folks can put to good use in the mini-libraries being built in James Cistern, Hatchet Bay and Bluff.

Posted by:Jun 9th 2003, 03:01:06 pm
ColinWe are about to cull our library at home and this may means several hundred books move home.

Many will be science fiction and fantasy paperbacks, all in good to excellent condition.

Also, there will be quite a few hardcover text books on such topics as Spanish and accounting and developmental economics.

Finally, some perfect books for folks to read when they are on vacation or just looking to enjoy a good read.

Would the library be interested?

Please let us know!
Posted by:Jun 6th 2003, 10:52:08 pm
Posted by:Jun 4th 2003, 10:37:33 am
JudyThe library book committee is busy behind the scenes locating and purchasing new, updated volumes. We are concentrating on "reference" books and developing a Bahamian/Caribbean Collection. Three dictionaries ( Merriam Webster's School Dictionary, Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, and The American Heritage Children's Dictionary) have been purchased. A large display Atlas and Roget's II Thesaurus are on order. Four beautiful Illustrated Wildlife Encyclopedias published in London have been shipped. A complete set of World Book 2000 and a set of Great Illustrated Classics, used, have been donated. Oceans, Hurricanes, Solar System, three highly rated science books by Seymore Simon for ages 9-12 are in hand. A donation of a 24 volume set of the Raintree Illustrated Science Encyclopedia has been selected from our wish list and will be shipped to Harbour Island. We are working with a book supplier and trying to locate hard bound copies of books from our preferred list of Bahamian books. Our hope is to have these books on display for a Open House during the 30th Anniversary Celebration of Bahamian Independence.
Cataloging of books will be taking place all through July. Stop in and watch the progress anytime you see the doors open. Contact Pascale, Ricky, or Judy ( cochairs) or Godfrey if you have time to help. The plumbers, electricians, and carpenters are currently working after hours and when time permits them as they are donating their services "gratis". Each has projects to work on - new pipes, bathroom fixtures, ceiling fans, walls, doors to install, window screens, etc. Our goal is to reopen in late November or early December.......Things are Happening! Good things are happening!

Contact us online at