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Posted by:Jul 9th 2003, 12:22:54 pm
Fig Tree News Team"Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose."

Janis Joplin

If a citizen demands wise government, he must recognise that wise government is the product of an intelligent citizenry, and nothing else.

If a citizen demands that crime be in the cell and not in the streets, he must support honest law enforcement without any personal reservations whatsoever.

If a citizen demands unfair advantages for his industry, union, or geographical section, he must remember that the price of class and sectional selfishness is national destruction.

If a citizen demands sound fiscal policies, he must not advocate expenditures for his own community, which, when demanded by all communities, bring the crushing burden of national insolvency; and he must realise that every dollar which government expends must eventually be repaid by the toil of its citizens in the creation of wealth.

If a citizen demands that his country protect him, he must cooperate unselfishly in giving his time and money to maintain the institutions which afford that protection.

If a citizen demands freedom of worship for himself, he must be tolerant of all creeds.

If a citizen demands freedom of speech, he must not encourage its suppression in those who disagree with him, nor must he use it maliciously to destroy the government from which that privilege flows.

If a citizen demands a paternalistic government to assume responsibilities which he himself rightfully should discharge, he must not forget that a nation's strength comes largely from each citizen standing on his own feet, and that the paths of benevolent despotism and personal decadence lead eventually to the destruction of the privileges of free citizens.

If a citizen demands of his fellow citizens that they work increasingly for a great nation by

Building homes,
Rearing families,
Caring for the sick, needy and suffering,
Giving children and adults more education,
Eliminating disease, accident and disaster, and
Developing communities in which men may have pride,
let him as a citizen, grateful for the priceless privileges which are his, dedicate himself in a spirit of humility to those responsibilities.

As we get together with family and friends to eat drink and be merry, this holiday weekend, let's not forget the sobering responsibilities of citizenship that come along with our freedom and independence.

Happy Birthday Bahamas!

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