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Quick survey: WiFi access on Harbour Island and Eleuthera
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Posted by:Jul 24th 2003, 02:27:33 pm
KimberlyGood to know ... can you give us details as to how to sign up with you, what your monthly rates are etc? Thanks!
Posted by:Jul 24th 2003, 11:06:21 am
BrilandWirelessHi everyone,there are presently a wi-fi/ 802.11b hotspots located at both Marina(Valentine's & Harbour Island Marina).The system can handle Virtual Private Networks(V.P.N) access for buissness and coperative use,the speeds are 11mbps (1.2 megabytes upload and 1 megabyte download speed), streaming audio and video on demand.The wi-fi can
also can be accessed in the Harbour and anywhere along Baystreet.
For info contact us at
Posted by:Jul 16th 2003, 06:38:43 pm
KimberlyFurther details for you island techies out there: The company that we're talking to sees two offerings for the Harbour Island/North Eleuthera community .... namely, one that is 512K down and 256K up for the personal user, and one that is 1.5mbps (T1) bidirectional for the "power user" and business customers.
Posted by:Jul 16th 2003, 11:37:43 am
KimberlyTo answer THE most popular question we're getting offline, here goes:

Speedwise, WiFi is comparable to Coralwave, and you wouldn't be locked into a wired computer [meaning that you could take your PC with you within a certain range of Harbour Island, and check for e-mail etc. without having to physically hook up].
Posted by:Jul 15th 2003, 04:53:16 pm
Fig Tree News TeamCan we see a show of hands for those islanders -- local business people, hoteliers, homeowners, students, sailors, motorboaters, marina managers -- who would be interested in accessing WiFi high-speed Internet access in the immediate area?

Monthly costs would run approx $50/month, with several points of presence up and down Harbour Island and North Eleuthera. You'd have access to all web-based e-mail, 'Net surfing and design support. We'd need about 100 folks on board to get this sort of project going, which would be managed locally in concert with the hosting company in Nassau.

Anyone interested?

Contact us online at