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Posted by:Jul 22nd 2003, 01:52:11 am
Bogue BabyI joined shortly after its inception, and what I liked most about it was its two-fisted, sardonic atmosphere - like a bar-room full of weathered veterans, one of those dingy places in foreign countries where journalists and expats hang out, swapping stories, grumbling about the stupidity of their alleged superiors, showing off occassionally, and busting each others balls generally. We're having a drink here, and we're discussing whatever comes up. If I want tourism updates, I know where to find them. If I had a newbie question like "What is Paradise Island?" I wouldn't ask it here, because it would make me look like an idiot among respected company.

Given that, I find pretty much everything said here to be interesting. I learn stuff all the time here, even from the critical posts, and even from the ones I disagree with. I learn about the general *range* of opinions on lots of subjects, and the distribution of those opinions, among (the opinion-sharing) people that also love Harbour Island. I learn things about the people here individually as well. I learn who's a critical thinker and who's a pull-string robot. I learn who's an experienced journeyman and who's a bragging novice. I learn who's an asshole and who's a decent human being. I learn who I'd love to work with one day, and who I would never consider working with. You write it, I'll read it. I don't expect to fit in the majority here - after all, I actually read a lot of my spam. And I learn a lot there too. But lest Kimberly think I'm being silent for some reason, let me clarify: I'm being silent for *no* reason.

The metatopic shifts from time to time and the S/N ratio goes up and down, but one thing I really love about this list is that there's no politically-correct smiley happy bullshit. Though it is still primarily a "social" place, make no mistake: this is a tough room. It's not for wusses and it's not for the clueless, it's not for spam and it's not for "Hello my name is". Talk about whatever's on your mind, that's my vote. If you get respect here, you've earned it. And if you say something stupid, you're gonna get popped. Amen.

Viva la DMZ.
Posted by:Jul 21st 2003, 04:07:19 pm
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