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Kimberly's Birthday
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Posted by:Aug 2nd 2003, 07:01:02 pm
KifSorry I missed it! Guess you better make merry again this weekend on my behalf!!! And, YES!!!, thanks for all you do for all of us.

Albeit an unfortunate event, thank you for the timely posting also of the latest sad news about the boat crash.
Posted by:Jul 28th 2003, 05:42:42 pm
Nancy from GuanaIn celebration of the Mt Gay birthday girl, from thier website!

"10" Interesting Facts About Rum

Rum is considered to be the world's oldest distilled spirit.

For 300 years, the British Navy administered a daily "tot" (2 ounces) of rum to each sailor, as a health ration.

English parsons were known to pour a glass of rum for visitors who offered satisfying financial tithes.

"Rum and Bible" ships carried alcohol and missionaries to the New World as part of Triangular Trade.

The colonists in America consumed 12 million gallons of rum per year - almost 4 gallons per capita.

The French recipe for Planter's Punch was based upon an old slave jingle: "one of sour (lime), two of sweet (sugar), three of strong (rhum), and four of weak (ice)."

Admiral Nelson's body was preserved prior to burial in a cask of his favorite rum when he died aboard ship during the famous Battle of Trafalgar.

The first Rum Sour drink was formulated in Barbados and served from a conch shell.

Ethan Allen stopped for some rum at the Catamount Tavern before capturing Ft. Ticonderoga.

The Rum Hospital of Australia owes its very existence to the revenues produced from rum exports.

"10" Historical Rum Drinkers

George Washington
Lord Byron
Christopher Columbus
John Hancock
Paul Revere
Ponce de Leon
Captain Issac Hall
Pirate Jean LaFitte
Admiral Vernon
"Calico Jack"

"10" Classic Rum Drinks
Cuba Libre
Planter's Punch
Mai Tai
Mount Gay Rum Smooth Player
Rum and Coke
Piņa Colada
Tom & Jerry
Rum Sour

"10" Nicknames for Rum
Barbados Water
Splice the Main Brace
Demon Water
The Pirate's Drink
Navy Neaters
Nelson's Blood
Rum Bastion
Posted by:Jul 28th 2003, 04:04:49 pm
smittyI sent Kimberly a personal Birthday wish, but decided I'd like to make it official and post something here.I could say a couple of thousand words about her, all good of course, and know I wouldn't get an arguement from anyone.Inspite of the fact, in the 3 or 4 years I've known her, I've never been able to get her out from under her Mount Gay jug and into a martini pitcher, I, like all of us, still love her.I usually reserve my 5 to 1 martinis for Friday night after a full weeks work, but tonight,I'll break the rule, and toast the lady with the big heart.Happy Birthday, Kimberly.
Posted by:Jul 28th 2003, 03:50:09 pm
KimberlyHey, Colin:
The queen won't send me a telegram until I turn 100, so by my calculations I have about 27 years to go ... at which point my note will have been signed by King Charles and Queen Camilla/grin.
Posted by:Jul 28th 2003, 03:13:17 pm

Chin up! Remember, nopt matter how old you are, there's still a Goombay to be had and a beautiful sunset to savor.
Has the queen sent you a telegram yet?
HAPPY birthday! Have the twins make you a Goombay for me!
Posted by:Jul 27th 2003, 12:54:13 pm
luciaMe too!
Posted by:Jul 27th 2003, 11:59:04 am
KristelHappy B-day to you Kimberly!!! Have a gin 'n coconut for me!

Hey! I have some good pix to email you from American Independence Day - but they're not going thru to your email... what's up?
Posted by:Jul 27th 2003, 11:52:24 am
Sue R.Oh good, thought I'd missed it!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KIMBERLY, and thanks for getting every one of my days off to a great start with the Modem! Breakfast wouldn't be the same without my Briland fix! Have a wonderful day! You deserve only the best!

We all love ya!

Posted by:Jul 27th 2003, 09:31:10 am
bahamasharonHAPPY BIRTHDAY to the moderator of this board! Keep up the good reporting keeping all of us informed about Harbour Island.

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