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Posted by:Sep 3rd 2003, 08:52:26 pm
Ms. johnsoncongrats deaundra aim for the stars girl.....and always keep God in everything u do....
Posted by:Aug 22nd 2003, 01:06:57 pm
That's Harbour Island All Age School (H.I.A.A.S.).
Posted by:Aug 21st 2003, 05:55:22 pm
TaillightCongradulations to you Deaundra, for choosing such a valuable educational field of studies. Music is a gift, not from man but from God. Music heals, it brings comfort, it brings conviction, but most of all it brings joy. It brings joy to the aching heart and trouble mind. It was really a pleasure to have you as a member of our Band. Your presence brought excitment,enjoyment and you produced beautiful music. I have already miss you and Lesli. With you in the band, your section rose to a different level. Thanks to you. Your presence also brought an awarness among the males, that they are not the dominating factor anymore, you proved to them that women too can do what men could do and in some if not all cases, do it better. I wish you Gods wisdom and guidance, in you studies. Remember, we will always be here for you all if you need us. You will always be one of us. Love you all Cpl. Pinder.
Posted by:Aug 21st 2003, 02:19:47 pm
KimberlyHey, Deaundra:
That's great news! Good luck with your studies, and have a great time in Tennessee. [I bet that your mom's really going to miss you, too.] Study well, and we'll see you soon!

Hey, Tiny ... what's H.I.A.A.S.?

Posted by:Aug 21st 2003, 02:15:11 pm
fabuloustinyCongrats Deaundra!
I wish you and the many others who recently graduated from H.I.A.A.S, Good luck & God's blessings

Aim high & reach beyond the stars!

Posted by:Aug 21st 2003, 10:42:45 am
LADYDIt was only yesterday, when i left 'briland'. To my relatives, best friend, friends, band members and my fellow brilanders, i would like to thankyou! For encouraging me to be all that i can me. Also, for showing support and that you care. Presently, I am in cleveland, TN at Lee University studying Music Performance. This program that i have chosen will take approximately five years the most. I want to say to you continue to pray and encourage me, because as we know prayer changes things.


"If you could reach higher, I know you've tried your very best but you have to put your spirit to the test just REACH"

I want to thank Mr. Pinder personally for instilling in me a passion for music. Also, to the band members for playing such good music. I want to encourage you play so that people can enjoy it not you. I want you to know, I Love you! Keep me in mind when your performing to engagements and other activites because you know i wish i was home. Secondly, try listening to what the leaders have to say during and outside of practise and see how far you guys get. If you happen to fall along the way, get up and try again.


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