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Teacher Ms.Joy Bishop dies at 45..
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Posted by:Sep 7th 2003, 10:54:15 pm
brilandbeautyOh my God!!! I'm speechless...we were one of the first classes she taught when she came to harbour island and we loved her dearly. We'll miss you Ms. Bishop:(

Love always Teasher
Posted by:Sep 5th 2003, 11:52:53 am
KimberlyYou are so right ... we don't always say thank you until it's too late. I'm really sorry that you lost Ms. Bishop at such a young age, but it sounds as though she packed a lot of good into her short life.

Wouold this be a good time to thank Eva Lorraine Sawyer for being the best teacher at St. Benedict's School? She was creative, she was fun, she was fair ... and she taught Bahamian history like no one else can. She's no longer teaching, but I'll never forget her making us memorize the great poets.

Posted by:Sep 5th 2003, 11:48:51 am
Ms. johnsonhey blueelgance i am so shocked to hear that i was just tryin to get in contact with her before i left to come off to school she is suppose to be teaching a St johns the school year....i am deeply depressed now that i have heard this said news i will miss her deeply because she was also a big influence in my life tooo....

may her soul rest in peace....

i will miss u bishop....
Posted by:Sep 5th 2003, 11:48:25 am
fabuloustinyI too was a former student of Ms. Bishop. I received the shocking news from a friend while at work. It's amazing how time flies and how we let people who impacted our lives slip between the cracks. Ms. Bishop taught me for two years (trust me it wasn't easy), she encouraged me to change and aim high. She would always say,"Tina, you are a good girl I know it, you know it but no-one else will if you don't let them see". I have told her countless times how grateful I was to come in contact with her. The things she has done for some students of Harbour Island will always be remembered.
Thanks Ms. Bishop for the last time, May God hold you in his bossom forever more, Rest In Peace.
Posted by:Sep 4th 2003, 11:11:03 am
BlueleganceMs.Joy Bishop was a former Teacher at the Harbour Island All Age School for many Years.
However, if may not know, I am Ledaunne Davis, a former student of Ms.Joy Bishop who has indeed inspired me to pursue my career as a Broadcast Journalist.. However, i am so deeply saddened by this loss and i know Ms. Bishop would be so very proud of my accomplishments.
I would like to send my deepest sympathy to her two sisters, two brothers and her nephew including Season of Harbour Island.
May her soul Rest in Peace!!!

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