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the crime situation in harbour island
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Posted by:Oct 3rd 2003, 03:31:01 pm
golden girli am so tired of hearing everyone complain about nothing to do for youth on Briland. we have had basketball and baseball teams go away because No parents would take charge, and I am shamed to see that the computer centre at the library is never open because no adult will to open it.

many young kids are here that know how to use the computers, no parents will shoew up to keep the library open.

the new librayr is goingt to reopen next year and i bet you again that no parents on the island will show up to do a dam thing, always expecting someone else to do they job.

stop complaining, eleuthera parents are doing a much better job. richer briland Parents ought to be shamed of themselbes.
Posted by:Oct 1st 2003, 12:33:27 pm
Island FlyerGreetings Brialanders,

I think it is very admirable the open discussion about the problems that you face with criminal activity on your Island Jewel. I might add that you are no different with the problems that concern you than any other community large or small and as many you have posted it is a good bet that boredom and lack of direction plays a large part in this problem.

I hope that other tourists reading these posts will understand and accept that you are taking an interest in curing those problems.

Some years ago on a visit to your beautiful Island while sitting on a bar stool at Valentines outdoor bar, I dropped my wallet on the deck containing all of my personal identification and a considerable amount of cash. That evening a young Brilander rode his bike well after dark to the beach house I had rented with friends to return my wallet to me with everything still intact! This young man would not even except a reward for his outstanding good deed! The only thing he would except, was for me to put his bike in the moke car and give him a ride back into town. It has left an indelible impression on me for life and for me has made Harbour Island a very special place with what I believe home of the most hardworking an honest people whom I have ever met! I might add that during the same stay, Harbour Island Police investigating a complaint of women’s screams somewhere on the Island awakened us in the night as they searched the areas outside our house. This was somewhat alarming to us as the Police there were not uniformed so we really did not know who they were at first. This could have lead to a nasty confrontation as five men willing and able to protect themselves could have mistaken them for prowlers. Luckily, all turned out ok, and nothing was ever heard by us about any fowl play.

I think the key is parental guidance and activity for the young with swift and firm punishment by the law for anyone whom compromises the safety and goodwill of the Island by engaging in criminal activity.

To anyone reading these threads, I would like to encourage you to visit this Beautiful Island, take precaution with your personal property as you would anywhere in the world, but rest assured that you are among fine folks that are dedicated to making your stay both enjoyable and safe. I for one am looking forward to my next visit.

Posted by:Sep 29th 2003, 11:41:54 pm
Ms. johnsoni must agree with you(a positive person) i am a young brilander off to school pursuing my career and sometimes when i return home it the same thing over and over again, yes i enjoy going out to the clubs but not all the time i want to be there either, so i just go but if there was something else must interest and motivating to go that sure i would be there.. and the thing is with my fellow people they look down at us as young people to much because of where our parents came from or what our parents use to do and don't do no more. and you do not accept the island to get any better if the parents are taking up for the wrong that their children do and know that their children are doing wrong. briland to me seems to be getting worse than better and eventually we will end up like the rest of eleuthera.. and with crime man something must be done cause if nothing is than there will be no tourist for real...but it seems to me that the criminals really don't appreciate what we have as an island caring for the entire eleuthera and ourself..something must be done....
Posted by:Sep 29th 2003, 03:57:13 pm
smittyYou're right on the money.I said many years ago that HI needs an honest to goodness youth center.Not a place to play dominoes or poka but a building that would house a basketball court,ping-pong and pool tables, etc ., etc.Someplace that would offer a variety of things to do, under light supervision and with respectable closing hours.Something HUGE.How this would be funded, where it would be built and by whom, unfortuneately, I have no idea. But its time has come.Of course, there are those, that, no matter what is offered are going to remain bad and cause trouble, but I firmly believe they would become fewer and fewer.How does that old chestnut go? "Idle hands do the work of the devil?" Keep 'em busy and watch 'em grow. Ken
Posted by:Sep 26th 2003, 05:56:52 pm
MaddieWell said!
Posted by:Sep 25th 2003, 10:08:12 pm
a positive personi wish to comment on the crime situation in harbour island. for the most part i can see why the criminals continue to do what they do every day for one they have the loving support of their family members who crowd the stations when they are arrested and blast the police for doing their jobs instead of asking them son why are you doing what you are doing. I agree that no one wants to see their son and daughter behind bars so it is for that same reason that we must talk to our relative who we know that are involve in criminal activities and discourage them from doing the same. butwhat is happening in briland is that we as parents are quick to jump and say that my child aint do that if you are home sleeping and your child is not indoors how can you give an account for what they are doing. Parents I totally blame you for what is happening with our young kids today, if you see your child with something that you did not buy its your responsibility to ask them where they got it from, we complain about children being out at all hours of the night and in night clubs where are the parents of these children. Yes i agree that there are not enough programmes on the island for the children to partake so we as adults need to find something for them to do. what happened to the good old days when children played ring play hopscotch shoot marbles etc. there is a big ball field how about someone forming little leagues where they can play baseball on weekends and families can come out to attend. This community has been turned into one where old family traditions have been thrown out and we have become so modernized until dancehall parties and sex is whats happening today. It is sad and unfortunate that young children have to grow up like this. I am not one to throw blame but what is happening with the religous sector in this community, it seems as though that interest lies in just the few that attend but if we are to make a drastic change in this society the church needs to reach out more not just putting out the flyers but by holding more street meetings and interacting with the youth on the streets more. Tts not all bad here but in fact this island is a beautiful place with beautiful people but we just need to work together more to create a better environment for our kids to live and learn and for the tourists who are our bread and butter, if the stealing continues on this island we soon will no tourists and we will then become like the rest of eleuthera a once thriving place. maybe then we will get back to those old family rituals of spending more time with our children, finding time to seek god and being our brothers keeper. Wee have a choice we can do these things now whilst we are blessed and still give god thanks or we can lose it all and then reminisce of how it used to be.

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