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Town and Country Travel Magazine
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Posted by:Oct 13th 2003, 12:32:41 pm
nancyabacodid you guys see the Coastal Living story on Dolphin Beach Resort on Great Guana Cay? We don't have the buzz yet that you guys have - but it's coming!
Posted by:Oct 9th 2003, 02:58:06 pm
KimberlyOctober 2003 issue of American Express' Departures magazine, link

The Caribbean: Bahamas
Pink sand and private islands
ONE TO WATCH The best thing about the nine-room Rock House, Harbour Island's newest boutique hotel, is the wonderfully idiosyncratic decor. Owners Wallace Tutt and partner Don Purdy raided their own private collections to give Rock House the feeling of, well, a house: Modigliani drawings, a white-porcelain English chandelier from 1910, art books piled on tables, rolled-arm sofas, and deep club chairs (designed by Tutt). No two rooms are alike; the Parrot room has drawings of birds, Citrus has original Picasso lithographs. The level of service helps the hominess, too, with Tutt and Purdy themselves tending to everything from mixing drinks to beachside service. Rock House isn't exactly a secret; the fashion and Hollywood crowds—including Elle McPherson, Jack Nicholson, Barry Diller, and Diane von Furstenberg—have been lounging around the pool for months (albeit hidden away in the private cabanas, of course). For those who value seclusion over scene, Tutt and Purdy also have Caribe Cay, a private home on its own island a short boat ride from Harbour Island. The main house and two cottages have the same warm, eclectic style as Rock House, and there are two private beaches and a pool, all watched over by a complete and attentive staff. "Whatever people want," says Tutt, "we do it." Rock House: Rooms, $245-$525. At Bay and Hill streets; 242-333-2053; Caribe Cay: Rates, $15,000 a week; 242-333-2053;
Posted by:Oct 9th 2003, 01:59:26 pm
KimberlyAhhh, the haunted house was a great place to spend the day ... swimming around the dock, picking seagrapes, practicing how to dock a boat [which took me forever to get the hang of], pretending that you were the king of the world. Colin, your memory of the place is pretty much the same ... the formal dining room was completely set for dinner. I loved reading the old copies of Vogue circa 1952 that were left on the by-then dusty side tables. I recall hearing that the place had been built by arch-Onassis competitor Stavros Niarchos, whose brand-new wife didn't care for the island. What else do you oldtimers remember about the place, which unfortunately caught on fire when the resident gardener tried to slash-and-burn some trees ...
Posted by:Oct 9th 2003, 01:52:53 pm
ColinPer Kimberly's mention of the past bigwigs on Briland.

Who remembers the story of the owner of the old house that burned down on the bay side. It was long boarded up. I remember sneaking in when I was about 15 and still finding plates, knives and forks on the tables, a shipping map and other cool stuff left behind in a hurry.

I heard the hosue belong to a Greek shipping magnate who brought a new bride there for their honeymoon. Then, for some reason, they left in the middle of their celebration dinner, with allthe guests boarding thier enormous yachts and sailing away.

What's the truth? Anyone remember?>?

Posted by:Oct 9th 2003, 10:11:22 am
bahamasharonThe magazine is called Town and Country Travel. This is the Premier issue and I found it at Barnes and Noble. Beautiful picture of Tracy, Toby and family.
Posted by:Oct 9th 2003, 10:11:18 am
MaddieYou can also find the EXTREMELY INACCURATE article at
Posted by:Oct 9th 2003, 10:11:01 am
MaddieBayview Concepts is Christine Johnson's salon next to Johnson's Grocery Store. She gives wonderful manicures and pedicures and also does waxing.
Posted by:Oct 7th 2003, 11:20:32 am
KimberlyTravel and Leisure:

Town and Country's November issue isn't on online yet.
Posted by:Oct 7th 2003, 11:11:37 am
kristiDoes anyone know their internet address? I'd love to read the article. Thanks
Posted by:Oct 6th 2003, 06:35:48 pm
KimberlyI expect that no one's mentioning the Travel & Leisure article because they haven't stopped laughing yet ... the November piece is so badly-researched, and contains so many historical and social inaccuracies that are well below the usual standard of Travel & Leisure's reporting.

It read to me as though the writer were under the misguided impression that Harbour Island exploded onto the scene in the late 1970-1980s, when in fact Briland has been a travel powerhouse since the 1940s ... albeit of a different social strata.

Back then, we had the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, and the founders of Chase Manhattan Bank, Abercrombie & Fitch, Ford Company, governors and senators from several Northeastern states, lords and ladies from across the British sector, shipping magnates from Greece and phenomenal singers, performers from all backgrounds that just wanted to spend some time in a beautiful quiet place. The rewriting of history gave me and many other people a great chuckle!
Posted by:Oct 6th 2003, 05:41:36 pm
MGrossThanks Judy. I agree with you!
Posted by:Oct 1st 2003, 12:15:56 pm
JudyI'm surprised someone on the board hasn't mentioned the article in this months Travel + Leisure magazine (Oct 2003 - page 144). Titled "The New St. Barts" by a Michael Gross, and subtitled "A pink-sand paradise in the Bahamas, Harbour Island is being called the next big thing and Michael ask whether that is a blessing - or a curse", the article "name drops" about every "celebrity" who owns or has ever owned property on Harbour Island. He writes "part of me hates myself for writing this, because Haarour Island is at its tipping point. It is about to happen, yet its allure is rooted in its authenticity and rusticity. Briland is having its moment now because it still resembles what we imagine it was like then - albeit with better sheets."
I'll add...Let's hope it doesn't "tip over".
Posted by:Sep 30th 2003, 06:51:09 pm
island ladythank you,. but what is bayview concepts?
Posted by:Sep 26th 2003, 05:55:12 pm
MaddieAmerican Express's Departures magagzine also has nice articles about The Landing, The Rock House, Pink Sands and Bayview Concepts.
Posted by:Sep 26th 2003, 12:00:28 am
BaynmurrayThe Premier issue of the new offshoot of Town and Country magazine called "Town and Country Travel" has a nice spread on Harbour Island with India Hick on the cover on what looks like Girl's Bank. Just out new on the newstands for Fall 2003. Check it out.

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