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Perfect Sunset Picnic
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Posted by:Oct 6th 2003, 10:23:28 am
KimberlyHey, Tweedy ... actually, the boats have been working quite late these past few years, what with so many workers coming over to resorts on Harbour Island from Eleuthera, and folks going back and forth from Bottom Harbour for the evening. As long as you work out the details of your trip in advance with any of the helpful boat captains at the dock, you'll be fine planning the evening.
Posted by:Oct 6th 2003, 10:19:39 am
tweedyPerfect Picnic yes, but sunset probably not, since the boats go off duty when it gets dark, as the waters can be a bit difficult after dark.

You can arrange a picnic by going to the dock and asking to go to one of the smaller cays just offshore and arrange a pick up time as well. You can go to Arthur's Cafe or Miss Mae's for all the lunch goodies and the Deli for a perfect bottle of wine. Bring LOTS of sun screen and some bug repellant and enjoy your time all alone on a deserted beach.

Harbour Island is a memory that lasts a lifetime.
Posted by:Oct 5th 2003, 10:34:14 pm
luciaContact CaolBecht at Runaway Hill, closed right now but will reopen soon. She is the best, very best to arrange all you will need except of course the romance. Her local # is 2150. You'll have to get the rest from Information long distance. Lucia
Posted by:Oct 4th 2003, 03:06:56 pm
RobinI am planning a romantic trip to Harbour Island this spring (our first visit). I am wondering if anyone can suggest the perfect place for me to have a secluded and scenic sunset picnic? Also, will it be easy to pick up a bottle of wine or rum (if so, where) to go with my take-away sandwiches? It will be a very special evening for us, so I'm looking for the perfect private scenic spot.

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