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Rupert Missick's 'Fiddy Sense' Column: The Bahama Journal
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Posted by:Oct 9th 2003, 03:45:49 pm
Fig Tree News Team“Fiddy Sense” And Other Small Change

Rupert Missick

I am a very bad dancer. By bad, I mean lousy. I dance as if I have two left feet, no rythm, am tune deaf, knock knee, parrot toe and bowlegged.

Now ordinarily I am not all of those things, but when I dance that's how I look.

At one stage in my life I went to parties and danced the night away. At most of those parties people drank alcohol by the gallons, they smoked pot by the bail and they popped pills by the buckets full.

But as stoned out of their minds as those people were, they could still see that I couldn't dance.

So that you can get the picture, my dancing looks like a cross between an Indian war dance and a gaulin trying to fly in an oil slick. It just doesn't work right and it looks strange.

Trouble is I love music and I enjoy dancing.

I can dance if you hold me. Hold me close while Nat King Cole, Sarah Vaughn, Nancy Wilson, Dinah Washington, Brook Benton, Sam Cooke, Tony Bennett or Frank Sinatra sing and I'm okay; but let me dance to a James Brown song and I will use up as much space as a low-cost house.

The only time I don't get hassled about may dancing is at predominately white parties and dances.

When I lived in the States I used to end up in some far off places with mostly white people partying. I don't exactly know how I got to those places except, maybe, some white people used to kidnap me.

But there I would be, an hours drive North of New York City in some strange club full of white people dancing the night away.

White people love the way I dance. White people seem to think that I can dance better than Michael Jackson and Sammy Davis Jr. put together.

I also like the way some white people dance, they help me to look normal on the dance floor.

Because I like soft, silk music, I have a great difficulty with the music that's popular with young people today.

For one thing they play the music too loud. The other thing is that none of them can pronounce a word with more than one Sylable. The other thing is that they curse too much, dress too stupid and try to look like cretons from cretonville.

Let me be blunt, I can't stand that booka-de-book music!

But music serves a purpose. Even the ones that I don't like. Music acts as a release value for the anger, rage and frustration some people feel from the lies, duplicity and indifference that they have to endure in their lives. If you lived in certain areas of America or even certain neighbourhoods on this island you would curse too.

If you saw those who look like you, and only those who look like you being gunned down day in and day out by those who look like you and by those who do not look like you, you would curse too.

If people who you trust to represent you and pay to represent you allow all the liquor stores, fry chicken joints, hairdressing joints, car washing places and all kinds of nastiness to happen on you streets while they direct all of the police and street cleaners to other streets, you would curse too.

If every government elected in this country has to spend a million dollars every year to fix Bay Street but cannot spend a dollar to fix Wulff Road or Bernard Road and you see that happening over and over you would curse too. Cursing is a substitue for weapons. Sometimes it is the only weapon that the dispossessed have. Every 'F' word is a bullet. Would you prefer the F-word or a steal bullet?

The people have packaged, marketed and sold that rage to the people who use their product as a release, take that away from them and you will have real trouble.

Don't believe for a minute that I'm an apologist for nastiness, slackness, violence, cursing or bad behaviour. I'm not, but I am honest enough to see how and say how a minority of us have suppressed, robbed, cheated, lied to and denied a majority of us, and I say so.

If you don't like the world, you try and be a better person. That's the only real thing that you can do. I have never heard a single one of Fifty Cants' songs. I don't know who the young woman is on the program nor do I know of the other people in that show.

I don't listen to 100 Jamz, so apparently I miss out on a lot of slack, sick and disgusting music.

Isn't it amazing how people who were given the first private broadcasting license turn around and used it against the very people they always criticize and pretend that they are superior to? And they are Catholics to boot! Lord, what some people wouldn't do for a Kelly dollar!

And you think the young people don't see feel, think about, intuit and know about your duplicity? You had better think again!

The Rev. Cedric Moss on Jeff Lloyd's show this past Tuesday tried vainly to sell people on the rightness and wrongness of shows like the one Fifty Cents will be putting on. Rev. Moss seems to know all of the nastiness that Fifty Cents is about. If the Rev. Moss can listen to Fifty Cents why can't the youth? I concur that he probably listens only to be accurate in his objection and criticism, but that is his privilege. Perhaps he has a job, clean clothes, a car and food to put in his stomach. The kid, who is without hope, lacks experience in exploring his options listens perhaps for a very different reason.

Just because I'm not for Fifty Cent and his noise - music means that I have the right to deny others from experiencing him.

I asked a young American boy if he knew Fifty Cent and his music. The young boy almost turned over Cat Guts with delight. "Yeah, man," he said, "Fiddy Sense is the man. That's my boy." He was so happy that I was aware of who fifty cents is.

Truth is, I had never even heard of Fiddy Sense before their proposed concert and planned visit to the Bahamas.


I told you before that I don't know much about anything, but I knew that BEC could not keep the lights on for 100 days. I knew that. I know that you cannot trust BEC. Yesterday (Wednesday) they let the lights go off again. For hours.

Instead of wasting millions of dollars destroying Batelco, that was and can earn more money, I wonder why the former government did not divest itself of BEC. And ZNS and Bahamasair.

Batelco was the costliest and dumbest move Mr. Hubert Ingraham made in his whole political career. The other dumb move was retiring after two terms. Perhaps he would consider coming back and cleaning up his mess.

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