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My Vision For Eleuthera
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Posted by:Oct 27th 2003, 10:56:53 am
gemmanyahMy Vision For Eleuthera

In this five year plan I will give you some of the pitfalls I see our government and Eleutherian leaders have fallen into. Some of the traps that exist that impede our national and inter-island development.

Changing our thinking is essential to making a meaningful effort to develop Eleuthera in a new way that has not been tried before with the assistance of our national planners. Eleutherians and our local political leaders are powerless unless empowered by national political leaders and given the essential budgets to economically effect the needed changes in Eleuthera.

There is no use passing legislation in parliament without the economic empowerment of local officials who are now charged by national government to create economies and employment in the Island of Eleuthera and the other Out Islands.

The complete colonization of our Islands like Eleuthera has not taken place yet because we do not have the complete representation of essential government services located on these islands. All we have are a number of ineffective satellite offices, which are inconclusive, and an unnecessary drain on the national treasury.

Central government leaders do not have the decency and trust in local residents to staff these satellite offices with trained indigenous people. These offices are staffed and Nassauvians employees/directors housed on each island at the expense of the national treasury to which we all contribute. Indigenous people are not trusted to carry out the leadership directives needed in these offices.

Educated Eleutherians with college degrees, like myself, have to look elsewhere for meaningful employment or are left to waste away in the island. We are told by central government to farm and do other menial forms of labour to survive the harsh, detached economic environment, which exist on Out Islands like Eleuthera.

With meaningful implementation by central government of the following suggestions the betterment of our economic/cultural/social plight will be realized in Eleuthera and the other Family Islands.

Potential Eleutherian Economic Resources Support:

1. Bring in Eleutherian/Bahamian educators. Many of who are indigenous or wish to reside in the Out Islands because of the overcrowded conditions and criminal activities of cities like Nassau. This will benefit the local economy through the local renting of residential houses, local utilities and grocery stores. This will also directly allow the establishment of a college and vocational facility in Eleuthera.

2. Bring in Foreign Investors. These investors will assist with the establishment of large capital-intensive investments like hotels and manufacturing industries essential to the islands development. This will directly benefit the Local economy over all by creating direct employment and training.

3. Bring in Industries like Oil and Gas facilities, Manufacturing, Trade industries for local business establishment and training,

4. Bring in essential services like hospitals, rehabilitation clinics and other essential medical/surgical facilities and professionals.

5. Too often Eleutherians have traditionally died from instances of trauma. I can recount countless circumstances where this needless tragedy has taken place over the last few years. A lady had her skull crushed in an accident last year. She waited on the airport in nurses care and a transport plane for more than ten hours. The plane arrived too late she was already dead from the pain and trauma. Hundreds of Eleutherians have to be flown into Nassau for Emergency/trauma services which do not exist at all on the island through government clinics or privately. Many die. Something must be done to alleviate this problem. These essential services on our islands must be established if we are to further increase the confidence of our tourist and visitors.

6. Bring in Agricultural professionals with the knowledge and experience to establish growing agricultural farms and processing/packaging centres. In the past our agricultural officials were educated but not experienced at all. They have no interest or incentive to establish anything else other than the collection of their own personal salaries. This is a dramatic and classic problem with Bahamian leadership and business in sectors like BAIC and the Development Bank. Our officials in these areas are not experienced or interested enough to reach out and impact the average Bahamian or encourage him or her to develop themselves. This white-collar mentality in government and leadership in Nassau and the family islands must not be allowed to persist.

7. Additional loans and the lowering of the barriers by BAIC and The Development Bank must be implemented in order to make essential funds available to local Eleutherian residents so that they discontinue sitting on the sidelines and take a more effective role in the development of the island through the establishment of essential business services like transportation, agriculture, sale of goods and services, restaurants, entertainment facilities and other essential services our Eleutherian societies need.

8. Allow present duty fees, license fees, and National Insurance fees collected in Eleuthera to remain here to benefit local development plans in the island instead of sending these contributions in to central government treasury for their redistribution.

9. With the implementation of the above plan the overall wealth of the island will be increased among its citizens. Local real estate and construction companies, stores, goods and service operators will benefit from this massive increase in revenue. Direct employment will increase and the burden on central government will be enormously decreased leaving them to fight elements like crime and infestation by foreign nationals. Giving them the effectiveness needed to make strides in these areas of national interest.

If implemented single handily this plan will positively impact the economy of Eleuthera in the way of creating a positive and meaningful development, which the inhabitants can rely on. This will allow for the much needed involvement and increase in the native professional population in order to make the necessary development of education and industry take place. An increase in population will take place. The population through this five year plan is expected to more than double.

With an increase in the population in five years there is no need to implement additional infrastructural amenities on the island. The infrastructure of Eleuthera is sufficient to sustain more than fifty thousand residents. Forty thousand more than exist here today.

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