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We Need A Raid, To Many Haitians
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Posted by:Oct 27th 2003, 04:06:37 pm
Young Briland CitizenI remember when i was a little girl, there were raid frequentlyly. Now, a raid is something brilanders want but it seems like immigration refuse to come. Everyday, in the street you see a new one and they are increasing enormously. This is a serious situation and I think it shouldn't be avoided. I'm not discrimating against any race but Bahamians can't live in a country without the proper document.

So, why do we allow haitians to live on our island freely but also illegally. I heard Local Government is try to get immigration to come and organize a raid but it's difficult. Also, i realize some of these immigrants could be responsible for living in winter residents homes and stealing from some of our tourist.
In Our community, if we can't get the immigration to come, we should organize a raid among locals and the police. Some one told me the police is some how responsible for some of these haitians living freely. I was told the police would approach an illegal haitian living in briland and make an agree with the haitian for their freedom. The haitian would pay the police a certain amount and the police would not arrest them or ignore the fact that he is illegal. Some of our police are trying to make a profit for themselvs. Brilanders should approach this issue and find out what is really going on.

Briland is a jewel in the Bahamas and we can't just sit back and let illegal immigrants live freely on our island. I understand that the country in which they originate is poor and they are try to make money to send back to their families but they should do it the right way. We need to do something fast before briland becomes little Haiti and it will be late to even start doing something. We need to act now.

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