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Halloween Library “Treat” a Success
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Posted by:Nov 6th 2003, 09:00:46 pm
TessOops...I replied on the first post by mistake...scroll down, please, Judy.
Posted by:Nov 5th 2003, 12:20:52 pm
Judy “Are we going to get candy?” “Well, maybe yes, later, but I have something better - some really good Halloween stories to treat you to.” This is how our story hour began on the Library steps Friday night. Twenty-five to thirty boys and girls sat eager to hear the following books that were given to our library: Five Little Pumpkins, In A Dark, Dark Wood, Fright Night Flight, and Rattlebone Rock. The final reading was from “MacBeth”, Act IV, Scene I. Our guest reader, Don Savage, introduced the children to William Shakespeare, reading as three horrible witches in costumes crept around a large cauldron throwing things into the stew. Perhaps you are familiar with the words, “wool of bat, eye of newt, toe of frog, etc.”? We have some creative witches on Harbour Island. It was great, great fun!
A passerby on a golf cart suggested that we should have readings like this on the steps weekly. Good idea. We will add this to our list of programs. Drop by the library on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and watch the book cataloging process. If you see the doors open on other days and evenings stop in as well. Look for announcements of our upcoming Library all island meeting and come to hear an update on our progress and when we will be reopening.

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