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Dem Bones
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Posted by:Nov 19th 2003, 11:31:04 am
KMKIt is kind of scary when you get sick on the islands because they don't have many services for serious problems. That was nice of the doctor to call. They do that all the time in Alabama. I can't believe your doctor doesn't call in New York.
Posted by:Nov 18th 2003, 04:29:21 pm
smittyDuh! Of course, I should have recognized KMK.Again, thanks for your thoughts. It was touch and go for a while, but Jeff ran me over to Dr. Bailey on Spanish Wells and he saved the day. What a team he and his wife make!They spotted my problem and got me going in the right direction.And you know what? A week after I was home, he called from the island to see how I was doing!Try and get that kind of compassion from Dr's here in NY.Thanks again for a wonderful stay in your lovely home.Yes, we're looking for an uneventful visit next year.Good luck always. Ken
Posted by:Nov 18th 2003, 10:57:41 am
KMKBaybreeze is my place and I hear you had to leave early. Just glad to hear you are OK. Last year, your wife hurt her ankle. Maybe, you will have a non eventful year next year.
Posted by:Nov 17th 2003, 12:54:57 pm
MaddieNot to worry Smitty.
Posted by:Nov 17th 2003, 10:36:23 am
Not sure who you are but thanks for the thought.Yes, all was just perfect with Baybreeze, as usual.Really didn't want to leave early, but had no choice.Sure hope to make it again in 2004.Now it's your turn, Maddie, to leave me a fish or two. Ken
Posted by:Nov 14th 2003, 07:45:19 pm
smittyWow, you guys really hold your Rum as sacred, huh?Maddie, you mean if we get skunked on the flats, I gotta spring for a Rum instead of a Beer?Maybe I should reconsider my offer.Don't tell Kimberly, but I secretly tried Mount Gay.Definately had to rinse with Absolut.Come to think of it, I'm only a few hours away from my evening Martini.Hubba, hubba.(When was the last time you heard that?) Ken
Posted by:Nov 14th 2003, 07:45:04 pm
KMKThanks for the info on the bonefish. Going down next week. Glad to hear you are doing better Smitty! Heard you left early. Hope everything was OK with the Baybreeze.
Posted by:Nov 14th 2003, 12:20:15 pm
MaddieMount Gay is the rum of choice!
Posted by:Nov 14th 2003, 12:00:47 pm
chapelIt's a really smooth dark rum, so it'd be a bit on the robust, sweet side. [Smitty, the hangover gods will indeed punish you for mentioning both Absolut and Barbincourt in the same breath ... much less allowing them to share the same table.]
Posted by:Nov 14th 2003, 11:58:05 am
smittyAhh, I just knew you'd come to my rescue.Did you ever think I'd mention Rum in the same breath as Martini's?Tell me,is it sweet or am I thinking of something else? I guess I can always rinse my mouth out with Absolute, huh?
Posted by:Nov 14th 2003, 11:30:03 am
KimberlyAh, be still my beating heart! Smitty is expanding his cocktail horizons? You're actually looking for Barbincourt, which is one of the best Caribbean rums out there ... distilled in Haiti. It's extremely smooth on its own, though, so you may not want to mess with the tonic or lime.

By the way, it's one of the house rums served up at Bottom Harbour Club by the engaging Wallace.
Posted by:Nov 14th 2003, 11:25:35 am
smittySince I was down and out for a while, I caught up on my reading quite a bit. In one of the books a Rum drink made with I think it was called Babencock was mentioned.Not sure if I have that right, but supposed to be excellent in the 25 year version with I believe tonic and some lime. Anyone know if I have this right?Although a pure Martini drinker, it sounded delicious.
I know Kimberly will think I've lost my mind, but..
Thanks, Ken
Posted by:Nov 13th 2003, 05:03:20 pm
MaddieHad knee surgery this summer, so no kneeling in my future, but I will pass the tip onto others.
Posted by:Nov 12th 2003, 11:55:54 am
smittyHi Maddie
Yes, I saw Stanley.Had a brief hello in passing but didn't discuss fishing.Guess he read what I said on the modem.He's still one of my favorite people and always will be.
Found that if I dropped to one knee over that white sand and in the real shallow water, it made all the difference in th world.Fish almost swam right up to me, whereas if I stood, they flared about 60 feet out.Fun catching them on your knees.
Thanks for your good wishes.Stay pure, kid. Ken
Posted by:Nov 12th 2003, 11:55:34 am
ColinThere will be no more discussion on this board of beautiful days, great fishing, nights out dancing to Briland music or gorgeous sunsets.

Otherwise I'm gonna break down and pour myself a few Goombays made with our dwindling supply of Ricardo's coconut rum.

Please! I've been sutck inside the magnificent halls of the US Congress for most of the last three weeks writing about Iraq and other military stuff for 12 hours a day.

Maybe someone could post some new Briland pictures--quick!

One tired and fishing deprived lover of Briland!

Posted by:Nov 12th 2003, 12:39:12 am
MaddieDear Smitty,
You're making me very jealous!
Stanley has always said that the best fishing is in November when the fish are rested. Unfortunately I'm not coming down until March. Thanks for leaving me a few.
Hope you are feeling better.
Did you see Stanley, Stuart or Joe?
Posted by:Nov 11th 2003, 06:28:31 pm
smittyHey Maddie, you dare?
Just returned from HI and like a true gemtleman, left you one or two Bonefish. Without knowing the tide, I walked out onto Girl Flat the first morning and stuck a nie 5 lb fish on the first cast, only 50 feet from the beach.There were fish all over the place, tailing, muddin' and swimmin'.Stayed like that all week and I took 2 to 3 fish each time out, just walding the flat.All on a no. 4 Gotcha from World Wide Sportsman.Tide was contrary to what the experts say as it was the last 2 hours of the drop each day.Great time until I came down with pneumonia.Guess the Gods got mad,had to come home early.Hope your luck is as good. Ken

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