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Sad news on animal treatment
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Posted by:Dec 11th 2003, 11:57:00 am
KimberlyHannah, I am so sorry that your horse was poisoned. No matter how much good work that you and the many people before you have done to take care of the animals on Harbour Island, it's obvious that so much remains to be done. We've come a long way over the years, for sure. I really hope that you learn who or why someone did this to your horse, so that we as a community can figure out a solution so that it doesn't happen again. Whether it's potcakes or potcakes or horses, the entire island is much better off respecting the animals in its midst.

Speaking of horses, is it true that a stable is being built to take care of the beach horses? That would be wonderful news ...
Posted by:Dec 11th 2003, 11:51:43 am
annbonnyI believe it was Gandhi who said that a nation can be judged by the way it treats its animals. Well so far Bahamas it does not look good.
Posted by:Dec 9th 2003, 11:50:44 am
HannahI have thought long and hard about writing this message this morning but I think this is a subject that should be addressed. My name is Hannah and I live on Harbour Island year round. I am married to a Bahamian. Some of you might know me as I am a memeber of the Eleuthera Animal Rescue and I do the majority of emergency treatment of animals on the island and work with Dr. Bizzell doing monthly clinics here. Last night someone came into my yard and poisoned my 4 month old horse. She died at 5 o'clock this morning. The reason why it was done will never be known and by who, but this is one of many such deaths of animals here on this island that I have had to deal with. Another dog last week was brought to me in the same condition and I was unable to save it. This treatment of animals on this island is not being done by tourists, its not being done by winter residents, its being done by local people that for some reason or other do not understand that all animals are living, breathing beings that feel the same pain we do and these people take out their pettiness and anger on these poor creatures. This is not an islolated case by anymeans. In the 3 years that I have been here and working with the Animal Rescue there have been many such cases and it hurts my heart to have to deal with them. I have kept quiet about them until today as I have not wanted to make judgement on anyone but I think its time that this problem is addressed. We as a group and a relatively small group at that have talked about the education of the young people on the care of animals but like anything else this has got to be taught at home first. I don't know what the answer is but the next time any of you see a young child pick up a rock to throw at a dog or cat or see someone kick an animal stop and say something. This letter is not meant to offend anyone it is only meant to bring attention to a terrible situation. What ever happened to that old Sunday school hymn "All Gods Creatures Great and Small

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