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Posted by:Jan 1st 2004, 01:13:06 pm

The Valley Boys did it again, after a fairly long drought at winning any parade. Some had pronounced them finished. Some said that they had been mortally wounded by the defections from Gus Cooper’s leadership: Roots and latterly Prodigal Son. But Gus Cooper still has it and leading the way in the parade at Boxing Day named after drumming legend John Chipman aka ‘Chippie’. Their theme ‘The Great Roman Empire.’

The Valley Boys is the group of Prime Minister Perry Christie, and wowed the crowds at Junkanoo when Gus Cooper, the Valley’s leader showed up, took off his helmet, offered it as trophy and bowed down before him. They then began a dance. The crowd loved it. The area around which the Prime Minister grew up in Nassau was called ‘The Valley.’

The official scores are: The Valley Boys –The Great Roman Empire 5074 points; second was The Shell Saxon Superstars, The Joy of Christmas, 4568 points; third was One Family, the Mighty Works of God’s Creation 4530 points; fourth was The Prodigal Sons, Portraits of Expression, 4429 points, fifth was Roots, World Crisis, 4224 points; sixth was Music Makers, Celebration of Life with 4040 points.
Posted by:Jan 1st 2004, 12:24:12 pm
chapelFor those of you keeping score at home [or watching the live stream at], the Nassau Junkanoo parade results were just announced, and as always are game for controversial Monday-morning quarterbacking:

The Saxons won for best music, best banner, best Shirley Street performance, best choreographed dance, best costume, but the Valley Boys won for best parade overall.

The overall results:
1. The Valley Boys
2. Saxons
3. Roots
4. One Family
5. Prodigal Sons
6. Music Makers
7. Barabbas

Happy New Year!!!
Posted by:Dec 31st 2003, 10:01:56 am
KimberlyWell, word on the street was that the Hatchet Bay rushers came in for the Briland Boxing Day celebration, too ... to everyone's delight!
Posted by:Dec 29th 2003, 01:00:51 pm
KMKThe Junkanoo starts on New Years day at 6 pm. Please come and be festive. Bring you dancing shoes!

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