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Fire truck and Training for volunteers
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Posted by:Jan 19th 2004, 11:38:28 am
tweedyI will email Dave Hanley again, because I have not heard from him, but has the committee heard from him yet?

Also do you want me to keep calling the Fire Academy to find out what the costs and requirements might be or would it be easier to contact the Academy maybe in Florida?

Posted by:Jan 8th 2004, 11:36:28 am
tweedyYes, lol, what a great name. Now we will have more friends from NYC come to the island, from the New York City Fire Department. Just in case there is another fire on island, we will get some more help, lol.
Posted by:Jan 8th 2004, 11:36:22 am
MaddieWe should be grateful for any help we can get, regardless of it's name...
Posted by:Jan 7th 2004, 06:07:04 pm
island ladyCommissioner FISHBurger? Wow.
Posted by:Jan 7th 2004, 02:45:52 pm
tweedyI have made some inquiries to the New York City Fire Department and have found out that used trucks are auctioned on a regular basis.

I am now in contact with the Exectutive Assitant to Commissioner Fishburger and will forward any information to the board on trucks.

I have also learned that training may be available through the training academy and will follow up with that as well.

I gave the email address to my contacts so they can understand better how much the fire truck and support is needed by the community.

Would it be best to turn over the names and phone numbers to the committee for follow up or just keep making contacts and relay my progress?

The City of New York auctions off trucks as they became available and auctions happen once a month. Not every auction has trucks available but we would be made aware of trucks as they become available and the contacts I have made understand how urgent the situation has become.

Happy New Year to everyone there, and hope to be down SOON.

The chorus is planning a trip to the island this spring to help in the fund raising for the new Fire Truck, so I will start making some calls for help for housing the next week or so. I hope everyone on island will come and support the concerts so we can help raising money for the fire truck.

Gail Tweedy

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