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Ft. Lauderdale-ELH March 20 and 28th
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Posted by:Mar 18th 2004, 11:23:43 am
KMKI have a plane coming to pick me up Sunday morning with no one on board. It will leave around 7 or 8 in the morning. Send me a email, if you are interested
Posted by:Mar 18th 2004, 10:37:05 am
sidI would like info on a flight from FLL to ELH on 4/27
Posted by:Mar 4th 2004, 11:36:20 am
KMKMarch 20 charter with 4 extra seats will go from FLL to ELH at 10 am.
Posted by:Feb 17th 2004, 11:06:04 am
KMKIf price is too high, give me an offer.
Posted by:Jan 29th 2004, 11:53:08 am
KMK4 seats availible NE to FLL on March 13th around 11.
Posted by:Jan 22nd 2004, 12:46:44 pm
KMKThe plane is a charter. I used the wrong work. Gold Avaitation our of Lauderdale.
Posted by:Jan 22nd 2004, 12:46:40 pm
KMKGold Aviation out of Lauderdale.
Posted by:Jan 21st 2004, 12:07:32 pm
chapelSeems to me that if these flights are announced as charters, then, we're not making any waves, right? Any other pilots, charter companies able to weigh in on this one? Thanks, Keith. With what charter company do you fly?
Posted by:Jan 21st 2004, 11:17:04 am
KMKthe planes are charters. I can't get my email to you. Please email me
Posted by:Jan 20th 2004, 11:29:50 pm
NorinMight be interested.
Please contact me:

Posted by:Jan 14th 2004, 10:43:56 am
KMKalso have 4 seats from Lauderdale to NE at 10:30 on March 13th.
Posted by:Jan 13th 2004, 05:14:48 pm
KMKPrivate plane March 20 2 or 3 seats availible to NE. March 28 7 seats to NE and 3 back in the morning 150 dollar/seat. Let me know any interest.

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