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Typewriters needed
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Posted by:Feb 17th 2004, 11:39:33 pm
Wood 'n' StuffNot a problem, Thanks very much for your efforts, Austin
Posted by:Feb 17th 2004, 08:15:11 pm
MaddieThe typewriter repair shop just called and the IBM Selectric is beyond repair, but the Smith Corona is salvagable for an affordable amount.See you 2 weeks from Thursday!
Posted by:Feb 3rd 2004, 06:51:15 pm
Wood 'n' StuffNot a problem the school number is 333 2261 so if you call between 9 and 3 you will catch Gail or myself Austin
Posted by:Feb 3rd 2004, 06:44:35 pm
MaddiePlease remind of your Briland phone #, so I can call you when I get there. Mine will be 333-2333 at Reef Point.
Posted by:Feb 3rd 2004, 04:20:48 pm
Wood 'n' StuffHi Maddie,
We would appreciate it very much if you could bring them this way so that they can come out of retirement and have some new life tapped into them.
Thanks again for your effort, looking forward to seeing you in March.
Posted by:Feb 3rd 2004, 02:08:08 pm
MaddieYou inspired me to dig through the stuff in my basement...
I found one IBM Selectric II and one Smith Corona SC125 electric typewriters. They are ATLEAST 15 years old, but they are yours if you want them. I will have them cleaned up and I can bring them down on March 4th, just let me know if you want them.
Posted by:Jan 29th 2004, 09:41:30 pm
Wood 'n' StuffHi to all. Austin here once again seeking your assistance. My beautifully pregnant wife is back on Briland after completing her Bachelors degree with Honours at the College of the Bahamas. She is trying to set up the Business department once again after her 1 1/2 yrs away from the school. She is looking for some electronic typwriters to teach the children the Syllabus for the BGCSE typing exam. If possible she would like to acquire about 12 IBM wheelwriter 1000 or IBM wheelwriter 3000 but any functional electronic typewriters will do. So please search in your attics or basements and see what you can do for her.
In her last year teaching here there was 17 students who wrote the exam, of which 11 sat the core paper (which has a maximum grade achievable of a C) all getting C's while the remaining 6 sat the extended option and received A's. All of these students have made great use of this skill both in the job place or in their Third Level schooling. This is just to highlight the sucess of the previous programme. Please see what you can do. She is hoping to expand the programme to include Computers and Accounting after she returns from maternity leave
PS Erin would like the world to know that her Mummy is having 2 babies

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