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community of americans on south part of island
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Posted by:Feb 2nd 2004, 05:26:25 pm
JohnSouth Bar is the correct name of the development and you should contact Wig Mackinnon 333-3212 as she and her husband were the original founders of the club and she will be on the island next week. The office number given is correct in the event you do not reach Wig.
Posted by:Feb 2nd 2004, 12:06:17 pm
It is called South Bar and the phone number is 242-333-2293.
Posted by:Feb 1st 2004, 09:14:50 pm
The PartymanHoly,

I think you might find things in Lower Bogue more up your alley.

There is a community of whites from Kentucky in Spanish Wells but they arrived in the 1780s if I remember correctly.

The PM
Posted by:Feb 1st 2004, 02:38:28 pm
hollya friend of mine who was with the us diplomatic corps in the '80s said she remembered that there was a group of americans from kentucky who have homes on the south part of harbour island. is there such a community? are they organized? my husband and i are coming to eleu. and harbour island next week. we would be interested in talking w/ someone in that community. does anyone know if there is an association or someone to contact, especially about real estate.



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