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Mamon Roberts
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Posted by:Feb 12th 2004, 12:21:22 pm
Mr.NiceGuyMamon Roberts was a wonderful and loving grandmother on harbour island always looking out for trouble that the young people wasnt aware of at times and she would remind them all the time mind the trouble and avoid it when every you can she said! As her grandson I spent more time with her than my mother watching her make bread in the evenning by hand rolloing cutting and in the pan to put in the oven for the next to day to send to johnnson's grocerie for sale later that morning. Now its gonna all be missed, sitting on the poor in the evenning talkin time away,laughing on the porch at night when nothin else to do but talk, it will all be missed!
Mamon Roberts will live on people in hearts and mind so dont forget!!!!
Posted by:Feb 5th 2004, 11:51:45 am
Sue R.Thank you, "MSHills", for posting this sad news, as I too was unaware of Mamon's passing.

Our deepest condolences and affectionate wishes go out to Tony, Ronnie and Linda, Flo and Olivia, and all of Mamon's many family members and friends. She was a splendid lady who will be very sorely missed. May God bless her.

Lots of love, Sue and Jesús
Posted by:Feb 4th 2004, 08:38:25 pm
MSHillsI only recently learned of the death of Mamon Roberts. I want to tell everyone on Harbour Island what a wonderful, loving, special woman Mamon was - to me and to my family. We will treasure our memories of Mamon - and send our love and sympathies to her beautiful family. -Marion and Jeff and Cindy Hills

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