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The Fire on Feb. 7th
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Posted by:Feb 12th 2004, 09:42:46 pm
chapelHey, Sandcastle ... Robert Arthur's been in touch with the Hopetown team over the past year or so with regard to their volunteer/training/maintenanceprogram, so let's see what comes of it. Good thinking!
Posted by:Feb 12th 2004, 09:40:30 pm
sandcastleHope Town probably has one of the most successful volunteer fire & rescue organizations operating in the Bahamas. I'm sure that they would be happy to offer valuable advice to their neighbours to the south.
Posted by:Feb 9th 2004, 12:03:43 pm
Sharon RI was on the island for a girls' week when Bobby Saunders' home across from the entrance to Runaway Hill caught fire (electrical I am told). Many brave men and women came to the aid of the Saunders family. No one was injured in the blaze, however the home was entirely destroyed.

It became apparent that, even though the island suffered a fire in November on Bay Street, that they were still inadequately prepared to handle a fire emergency. Hoses were laid out incorrectly and the volunteer firemen did not have the proper couplings to connect the hoses to the water supply. The firetruck on the island remained in its parking spot at the "fire house". I asked what the problem was with the firetruck and was told that the money raised at one time for a new firetruck was used to purchase a truck that was allocated to Rock Sound on Eleuthera. Harbour Island received Rock Sound's old truck which doesn't start??.

The historical significance of Harbour Island (not to mention its enchanting inhabitants) deserve better than this.

I hope that this second warning will encourage residents to fine tune their emergency training skills. It may be necessary to have a full time fire chief and to have professional training for the volunteer firemen. A siren and satellite phones might also be helpful. Frequent drills are also essential to enable volunteers to react quickly and smoothly to emergencies.

I have spoken to many people on the island since the incident and am told that Harbour Island generates a lot of property taxes that are not reinvested on Harbour Island, but are used to subsidize other islands.

I commend the efforts which led to the extinguishment of the fire and sincerely hope that this emergency will encourage islanders to reassess their fire preparedness and take action to improve it.

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