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Brilanders Rally Around Second House Fire
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Posted by:Feb 12th 2004, 04:49:37 pm
chapelHi Kimberly,

A new committee has been formed for the Harbour Island Volunteer Fire Department.

An emergency meeting was held on Saturday evening following the fire that destroyed the home of Bobby and Sherry Saunders. Out of that meeting persons volunteered to be apart of the committee. We met at Arthur's Bakery on Sunday evening and the new officers were chosen. I am now the new Treasurer. On Wednesday, February 11th, an account was set up at the Royal Bank of Canada, in the name of Harbour Island Volunteer Fire Department, Account No.: 106-093-8. The signatories on the account are myself, Doug Lorey, Robert Arthur and Jefferson Johnson.

We understand that donations through the Briland Modem Fund now total $5,750, and that local donations total $4,400. We expect local government to come in with a sizeable contribution as well, with an announcement to be made at a later date.

Thank you for your assistance and I look forward to working with you. Below are the list of officers and members:

Doug Lorey, Chairman
Lisa Aranha Thurston, Treasurer
Audrey Curry, Asst. Treasurer
Robert Arthur, Secretary
Harvey Roberts, Member
Darrell Johnson, Member
Jefferson Johnson, Member
Donameche Darville, Member
Daphne Hepburn, Member
Posted by:Feb 11th 2004, 03:14:11 pm
tweedyI have been talking to the Fire Department here in NYC and have some follow up information.

First there are retired NYC firefighters that might be available to come to the island and help with the project, and I am inquiring further on that.

Also there is an academy here in NYC that the Briland volunteers could get some much needed training at minimal costs.

Also TRUCKS. There were 10!! fire trucks auctioned off TODAY at a cost of about $3,000 each. They would need to be recertified but are in working condition and more trucks will be available in the next two weeks.

MORE interestingly there was a company here in the US at the auction that is building condos on ELEUTHERA and they purchased SEVERAL trucks, maybe we can work with them to get a truck to the island. I have asked the manager of the auction to have the company give me a call and I can put them in touch with someone on BRILAND.

Retired firefighters just might be the perfect answer to the problem on the island, as they could be made welcome for at least part of the year and the island could even work with SEVERAL to make sure the island has coverage all year round, without high costs involved of a full time fire department.

Would someone from the fire truck committee please get intouch with me so that I can get them in touch with the fire department and see if we can't solve the problem with some additional help.

I can be reached at

I am forwarding a note to James Scanlon who runs the auctions here, what our needs are and he is going to keep us informed of trucks available and what the approximate costs would be.

If the other company moving trucks to Eleuthera can work with us, it would help contain costs and we should be able to get a truck in the very near future.

Posted by:Feb 10th 2004, 04:35:13 pm
Fig Tree News TeamFOr those of you wondering as to the fire truck committee's current status:

Actually, the committee HAS been busy isolating the model of firetruck, design of pumps, compatibility with the existing installed fire hydrant base, issues of training a volunteer brigade as well as figuring out how to financially support the entire endeavour, given that fundraising has been awfully slow ... but Saturday's fire has certainly sped their processing of the information, no doubt. Harvey Roberts and team are doing their best at the moment.

As we get further news, we'll post details for you. Thanks for your interest.
Posted by:Feb 9th 2004, 12:02:56 pm
Fig Tree News TeamKathy Pratt of Blue Dolphin sends in this report:

I was on Briland when Bobby Saunders home was destroyed by fire on Saturday, Feb. 7th. I commend the brave men and women who helped to extinguish the fire before it was able to destroy any other homes and with no loss of life!

Bobby's home is/was across the
street from the entrance to Runaway Hill.

Unfortunately though, it became obvious, that the
island's fire fighting procedures are in desperate
need of fine tuning; and, once again, the fire truck
remained in its parking spot at the "station". Hoses
were laid out improperly and couldn't be connected
until the male/female ends were reversed; also
couplings to attach to the water supply were missing.

I heard Pip Simmons yell that this island needs a paid fire
department. It may be that Harbour Island could get
by with a volunteer group if it received proper
training and regular practice drills. Of course a
paid department, or at least a paid fire chief would
be preferable.

It is disappointing to hear that of all the taxes
raised from property owned on this island, that only a
fraction is reinvested into Harbour Island and that
the larger portion is used to subsidize other islands.

I understand that the islands need to support each
other, but don't neglect this jewel! Think of the
fires that destroyed Chicago, Seattle, etc.; once the
historic buildings are gone, they're gone forever - not to mention the lovely people!! Thank God there has been no loss of life in the last two fires. Let's heed the warning(s)!

My husband has been coming to Harbour island for more
than 40 years and we have been second-home owners for
the past 13 years on the island. We have financially
supported the park, the new fig tree and are helping
finance an islander's college education. I know that
many people invest much time and money into Harbour
Island. For those of you who are able to influence
the government in the Bahamas, I encourage you to put pressure on the appropriate parties to take action immediately on improving Harbour Island's emergency fire equipment and usage. There is too much at stake - lovely people and Bahamian heritage.

Contact us online at