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Happy Valentines Day: Beaches With A Blush
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Posted by:Feb 16th 2004, 05:46:27 pm
Fig Tree News Team13 February's USA Today features two Briland/Eleuthera spots in the Top 10 ...

Places to find a beach with a blush

For Valentine's Day, where better to get away with your sweetheart than to a color-coordinated island with a pretty pink or even red sand beach? "Relax, reconnect and rekindle your passion at a busy island with lots to do, or choose a secluded spot where you're practically the only two around," suggests Allison Joyce, executive editor of Islands magazine ( Here, she shares favorite spots with USA TODAY's Shawn Sell.

Pink sand, turquoise water: At Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda's most popular beach, visitors can swim, snorkel or just walk.
Bermuda Department of Tourism

Horseshoe Bay

"The beaches of this honeymoon paradise, located 650 miles off the Carolina coast, shimmer with sands in every shade of pink. In addition to Horseshoe, check out the rosy hues underfoot at Church Bay and Elbow Bay. And when it's not so warm in winter, there's plenty else to do, including wreck-diving, sailing, golf, even exploring historic towns." 800-237-6831;

Pink Sand Beach
Harbour Island, Bahamas

"Gorgeous blush-toned sands encircle this tiny island just off the north coast of Eleuthera. But three-mile-long Pink Sand Beach, located in Dunmore Town, tops them all. One of the oldest settlements in the Bahamas, the increasingly posh island is now a favorite with divers and bonefishermen. And at day's end, there's great dining and entertainment to experience." 242-302-2000;

Greenwood Beach
Cat Island, Bahamas

"Want a private spot to nuzzle with your significant other? Along with towering cliffs and dense vegetation, this 48-mile-long island boasts 10 miles of gorgeous pink sand at Greenwood Beach, in the south along the Atlantic Ocean." 242-302-2000;

Club Med Beach
Eleuthera, Bahamas

"A quick jaunt from Miami, the timeless appeal of Eleuthera lures sweethearts to the appealing beaches here," many of which boast varying shades of pink. "Although the resort is gone, Club Med Beach retains its name" as locals wax poetic about the luscious pink sand. "The beach located at about the midpoint of this 100-mile-long, but very narrow, island is edged by forest while an offshore reef keeps the surf mellow." 242-302-2000;

Zoni Beach
Culebra, Puerto Rico

"You can fly to this island just off the coast of Puerto Rico, but the scenic and leisurely ferry ride puts lovers in the right frame of mind for the pink sands at secluded Zoni Beach. This relatively undeveloped 7-by-3-mile-long island hosts a National Wildlife Refuge, so it teems with birds. Bring your snorkel gear, because the visibility's great in the shallow waters around Culebra (and just off Zoni)." 787-721-2400;

Red Sand Beach
Maui, Hawaii

"Some sun-worshippers have been known to toss aside their swimsuits at Red Sand Beach, also known as Kaihalulu, on the road to Hana. That's Hawaii for you upping the passion quotient just one more notch." 808-244-3530;

Red Beach
Santorini, Greece

"The ruins at Akrotiri hold lovers' attention only for so long, especially when the sands of nearby Red Beach beckon. Rent umbrellas and chairs and settle onto the fine sand (and a few rocks) for an afternoon of lazing under the warm sun on this lovely Greek isle." 011-30-210-870-7000;


"This quiet sister island to Antigua is barely inhabited, which means you'll see very few footprints besides your own along the pink champagne-colored shores. And, of course, since this is the Caribbean, the water's always bath-warm." 305-381-6762;

Great Santa Cruz Island

"The blushing pink sands of this national park off Mindanao Island make a great picnic and sunning spot. The boat crossing takes about 25 minutes from Zamboanga City, and while there's not much else on the island, vendors sell drinks at the beach." One caveat: "Tread carefully the broken coral that tints the sand can be tough on the feet." 805-963-4949;

Crane Beach

"Cliffs, dunes and stunning water can't upstage the romantic pink sands of Crane Beach on the southeast coast of the island. Walk its length a few times to work up a healthy appetite because, on this civilized island, the tasty cuisine tempts. Plan to slip out of your bikini and into something more formal for evening." 246-427-2623;

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