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Local Government
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Posted by:Feb 29th 2004, 02:16:22 pm
KimberlyYou sound pretty frustrated, and I'm sorry. Perhaps the local government council needs someone like you to publicize their efforts better for the entire community ...

You may want to check in with former council members Rickey Mackey or Pascal Saunders as to their work with getting the library re-opened.

Current councilmembers are working with Gusty and Linda Lewis to get the Briland Action Group for cancer survivors meeting on a regular basis.

Former chief councillor Harvey Roberts is working hard with Batelco manager Lisa Aranha Thurston to bring a nimble fire truck and full training program to the island.

Have you spoken with Kayla Davis about the Briland Youth Band's recent trip to Miami to play at a Miami Dolphins' halftime event? And Eloise Knowles is working hard with event organizers to get the Briland ArtsWalk series of arts and craft showcases down sea going again, starting with the first 2004 show later this month.

I hope that this gets you started ... please post your report here once you're finished.

Posted by:Feb 29th 2004, 02:08:22 pm
brilandteenThe Harbour Island District Council needs to get a grip on thier actions, as a young teen of the island, I have not been able to write anything positive about Harbour Island for my project. I have not seen anything done other then the park, and who knows when that is going to be completed. If the COuncillors can come together, rather then things being heard on the street, negative that is, then I know that Harbour ISland can be pushed to another level.
Let's keep Harbour Island.

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