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Plea for help getting goombay 'gredients
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Posted by:Apr 4th 2004, 09:50:24 am
bert456I know how good da rum is just got my mom to pick up a case for me. She got the last case but they will order more. Marathon Fl. That is in the keys. Try contacting the store & see if they can ship?
Posted by:Mar 9th 2004, 06:33:55 pm
ColinMr. Wise, thank you, thank you!

Tweety, we use that other rum when we have no other choice but we all know it just aint' as fine!

Thanks for the offer. We should be coming to NYC in six weeks or so!!

Posted by:Mar 4th 2004, 02:22:31 pm
tweedyI am so sorry to hear of your plight and I understand completely. I have all kinds of physical ailments when I can't get to Harbour Island, and I have to admit it's been a few years, so you can imagine I am in ruff shape right now, lol.

About your rum problem, have you considered Malibu Rum? It is a fairly decent alternative and does make a good smash, next time you are in New York, you are sure welcome to come try one at our place.

Wishing you blue skies and sunshine.
Posted by:Mar 2nd 2004, 08:58:09 am
MaddieMy neice and nephew are headed down to Briland the end of April, maybe he can hekp you. They live in DC.
Jon Wise at
Posted by:Mar 2nd 2004, 08:58:02 am
smittyA much simpler solution is to switch to Martinis.Those Walt Disney drinks are for young-uns.Cute, tasty but not real libation.I'm sure you agree.I know, I know, why don't I mind my own business?
Posted by:Mar 1st 2004, 01:09:22 pm
chapelI feel your pain ... coconut rum's an essential foodstuff around here, too. Until someone on the East Coast can make a mercy mission into BWI, though, you may want to look around for Cruzan coconut rum [Todhunter Imports] to see you through the bitter winter ... it's not Don Ricardo, but it's not that suntan-oil scented stuff, either.
Posted by:Mar 1st 2004, 01:05:39 pm

Please accept my humble plea. My wife and I are near to running out of Ricardo coconut rum, far and away our favorite.

We don't seem to be able to find it anywhere in the Washington, DC area. If anyone is heading this way we would gladly make moderately extraordinary efforts to meet you somewhere (Dulles or National BWI or even the suburbs....) and pick up two bottles, with thanks, payment and a wee extra!

The twins know how much this family values its Goombay Smashes. While we are bereft of Briland kindness and beauty, this is our last refuge.


Thank you all.

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