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Posted by:Mar 18th 2004, 01:27:59 pm
smittyYou should of course use a guide for your first time out.After that you really dodn't need one to fish Harbour Island and the surronding flats.You can rent a boat and guide yourself or just walk out on Girl flat at the North end of town and wade for them. Last of outgoing tide.I've been Bonefishing HI for 20 years every fall with good results both with a guide and without.They got way to expensive for me the past few years so I wade the flat with good results. Time of year means alot as the fish are pressuredin the winter months but rested in the fall(October)No need to take any other fly but a Gotcha or any other jig then a Wiggle jig.You'll do well with either.If you want more help email me at
Good luck, Ken
Posted by:Mar 18th 2004, 10:37:14 am
KristelIf you'll be on Eleuthera, try Paul Petty... he's been written about in Florida Sportsman magazine...
Posted by:Mar 17th 2004, 07:18:58 pm
Kimberlyboy, did YOU come to right place! bonefish joe, bonefish stuart, bonefish stanley, bonefish vincent, bonefish patrick, captain herman higgs [and that's just a partial list] ... can't go wrong with any of them.

i'm sure that the other more partisan fish people on the board will be 'weighing in' any moment now ...
Posted by:Mar 17th 2004, 07:15:49 pm
HI was looking for a recommendation re a good bonefish guide.

appreciate any thoughts.


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