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Posted by:Mar 29th 2004, 08:19:58 am
smittyCan't wait to get there.Hope you too are all happy, healthy and stacking those gold bars. Ken
Posted by:Mar 28th 2004, 06:09:17 pm
Ocean FoxHehehehehe
Jef is looking forward to the 'freshness test'! Trust you are both well.

Posted by:Mar 24th 2004, 04:14:44 pm
smittyOK Ocean Fox, thanks for the heads up.I knew there was a good reason.This year I'll bring a case of NY Kalik with me and then buy a case on HI and we'll spend an afternoon comparing freshness, ok?Round up my old buddy Jeff and give him a big sloppy NY kiss for me.Dee and Ken Smith
Posted by:Mar 24th 2004, 12:19:59 pm
Ocean FoxHere on Briland we pay for the privilege of the Kalik being less well travelled, and thus more 'fresh' :-)
Posted by:Mar 23rd 2004, 10:31:00 am
smittyCan't help but wonder why I can get a case of imported Kalik for 24 dollars here in New York but it costs 35 on Harbour Island.Could it be it costs that much more to get it to HI than NY? Got me. Ken

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