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India Hicks & NYT Article
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Posted by:Apr 15th 2004, 01:49:42 pm
SamediWe all have to understand that some publicity is not wanted by the Brilanders. To an extent it is good for the community, but sometimes it is a real pain having the island so swarmed. India Hicks can't be blamed for creating what some are saying to be the reason the island is so crowded. It's the charm of the people and the island that attract tourist. No one can really be blamed for this so we all should cool the attitude towards India.
Posted by:Apr 14th 2004, 09:28:25 pm
lindaThree cheers for India and David.

Were none of you there last week when they worked so hard to fund raise for The Dunmore School? Can you imagine the amount of work that went into that event? Are we not forgetting that their children will NOT benefit from that evening? That money has been set aside for BAHAMIAN children.

Have we forgotten their book has already raised over $10,000 in scholarship fees
And are we also forgetting that India, a number of years ago, ran a marathon and raised over $30,000 for the Harbour Island Day Nursery? (Her children did not go to the nursery so did NOT benefit from that either) And what about the Beach Clean Up Project? Were you not discreetly asked by India to donate something towards this worthy cause either?
Hitler says India raised over $20,000. Has anyone ever thanked her for any of this?

So what if India or David publicize this Island, does anyone for a minute think that the kind of tourist they might attract might not be the kind of tourist we need? Well traveled, polite and educated?

Three cheers for India and David.
Posted by:Apr 14th 2004, 03:10:38 pm
edwardwhy should Ms. Hicks be made to feel that she can not tell people that harbour Island is her home?
Why should she not be proud of having made a life there. As a model and a minor royal she would always attract attention where ever she lived. Ms. Hicks has always been in magazines that is her career. Would she be made to feel like this if she lived in Florida? Are we not forgetting that that is her home? She is not a tourist.
Posted by:Apr 14th 2004, 12:15:39 pm
ThomasThere is no question that tourism is what truly supports the Island but we have to ask ourselves when is enough enough. For all of you who say, " I dont want the Island to be discovered" it happened a long time ago. There is however a significant difference between being discoverd and being ruined. With more publicity comes more people, more cars, more waste and unfortunately more crime. I fear that one day the residents and ( possibly even my young grandchildren) will no longer be able to afford a small piece of land on the island. In the past 40 years, land value has skyrocketed unlike any place I have ever seen.
It is not right nor just to blame Ms. Hicks for all the recent changes on the Island but again we must ask ourselves, what are her intentions? Working in the publishing industry, I am constantly scanning newspapers and magazines and I cannot even begin to express how many times I have seen refrences to Ms. Hicks or the Island in just the past month alone. From various glossies to numerous UK publications, it is hard not to ask yourself if she has ulterior motives. It would be one thing if she was merely attempting to get press for the Landing or even her book but what boggles my mind is that she continues to say that she does not want to attract more attention or turn Harbour Island into the next St. Barths, yet is all over the place blabbing about her life on Harbour Island. Is this merely a case or obession with self-promotion. I fully acknowledge that she is involved in helping aspects of the Island but there are many who do much more without having to make it known to all. Although it is unfortunate that the article ran on Easter Sunday (as it is one of the most coveted publishing days of the year) I doubt that it will do much damage as it did not portray the Island, and especially Ms. Hicks in the most favorable of lights.

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