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Announcing Eleuthera's newest airline, Pineapple Air
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Posted by:May 14th 2004, 05:20:34 pm
Fig Tree News TeamJust in time for Pineapple Festival:
Pineapple Air's official phone number at Nassau International Airport is (242)377-0140. Pineapple Air has just launched a toll-free number that can be called from any location in the Bahamas free of charge to the customer, 1 (300) 356-6530.

With Pineapple Festival is coming up, the airline is going to be offering five flights minimum (and will schedule more if needed) a day from Nassau to North Eleuthera and Governor's Harbour, with a reduced price of only $99.00 round trip.

Listen to 100 Jamz in the following weeks for advertisements on this offer. Pineapple Air will also be adding flights from Freeport and Exuma to Eleuthera for the Pineapple Festival.

We're connecting Eleuthera with the Nation, and in turn with the World.
Posted by:May 4th 2004, 11:20:43 am
Fig Tree News TeamNote from Pineapple Air:

Yes, you are correct, the telephone numbers in Nassau and Freeport are Flamingo Air's, because they are our agents in Nassau and Freeport. We're using their counters for checking in our passengers temporarily until we can build up enough clientele to have our own counter, but our sign is right next to Flamingo Air's sign, so you can't really miss it, and we're in the process of connecting our own phone line to their desk.

That's why I explained to John Bennett at that the telephone numbers for Nassau and Freeport were only temporary.

Thanks for helping us make Pineapple Air Eleuthera's No. 1 airline!
Posted by:May 3rd 2004, 10:26:16 am
Fig Tree News TeamThanks for the heads up! In fact, we just received this note from Liam Seyfert:


I was the person that sent the e-mail to about Pineapple Air, and I thank everyone very much for supporting and publicizing it. But I just wanted to make one correction to the information in the e-mail. Our phone number at Governor's Harbour Airport is 332-3455, (not 332-3445). I will send you the phone number at North Eleuthera Airport as soon as I get it.
Thank you again.

Posted by:May 3rd 2004, 10:24:57 am
daisyAre those the correct numbers for Pineapple Air. When I called I got Flamingo Air. We are very interested so please respond.
Posted by:May 1st 2004, 03:57:27 pm
Fig Tree News TeamBahamian-owned and managed Pineapple Air offers 3 daily flights from Governor's Harbour and North Eleuthera to Nassau, 2 weekly flights from Governor's Harbour to Exuma on Friday afternoon and Sunday afternoon, and 2 weekly flights from Governor's Harbour to Freeport on Friday and Sunday.

Later on this year we'll start flights from Governor's Harbour to Fort Lauderdale, as soon as we get approval from the FAA, and we will host charters all over the region.

Our ticket prices are much lower than our competitors:

Governor's Harbour/North Eleuthera - Nassau
$55.00 One way
$100.00 Round Trip

Governor's Harbour - Exuma
$110.00 One way
$200.00 Round Trip

Governor's Harbour - Freeport
$100.00 One Way
$199.00 Round Trip

The owners of the company are Michael Carey [who was born in Tarpum Bay but brought up in Nassau], and Wolf Seyfert who lived in Eleuthera for over 20 years and now resides in Nassau. With their experience in aviation,
they have come together to form an airline created entirely for Eleuthera.

Unlike our competitors(Southern Air & Bahamas Air), we focus entirely on Eleuthera, which means that we have no problems with our planes being late while arriving from other destinations, or our planes going on other flights.

Our job is to transport people to and from Eleuthera, period. We're currently operating one aircraft with at least one more plane coming on stream towards the end of this year.

The aircraft that we currently own is a Beechcraft C-99 Airliner, with enough room to comfortably seat 15 passengers and 1000 lbs. of cargo, in a quiet and airconditiioned Turbo Prop aircraft.

Our flight time to Nassau from Governor's Harbour is:
23 minutes

Our Flight time from Governor's Harbour to Exuma is:
42 minutes

Our flight time from Governor's Harbour to Freeport is:
58 minutes

For this year's Pineapple Festival, we're going to be having a flight every hour, so please spread the word, get us some business and help us make Pineapple Air,
"Eleuthera's Airline".

Governor's Harbour - (242) 332-3445
Nassau - (242) 377-0354
Freeport - (242) 351-4963

Contact us online at