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Posted by:May 20th 2004, 02:32:33 pm
KimberlyGlad to see all of the interest in and discussion of this topic. The good news is, there seems to be a lot of interest in developing a neighborhood crime watch for the community, so here's to helping the local police launch the program.
Posted by:May 19th 2004, 07:48:14 pm
RJMy family has been coming to HI for over 20 years. Understanding that the island's economy depends on the tourist $$, it would be in everyone's best interest to get the problem resolved. Can you afford not to? If not...time will solve it for you. No economy.
Posted by:May 19th 2004, 12:28:23 pm
SamediIn my view the police can't do more than they are doing now. It is too bad that robberies are taking place somewhere where good morals in my view are passed on through generations. What is the island coming to when we are going to have to start locking our doors. This is all blose my mind, I'd never thought this would happen. And there really isnt anyone to pinpoint this on.
Posted by:May 14th 2004, 03:39:36 pm
MaddieSince all 3 of our incidences involved people coming up from beach, I think a foot patrol on the beach would be a great idea!
We suggested this to the police the night of our first robbery and the next day there were tire tracks on the beach, which as Island Lady says are not very helpful for sneaking up on someone... This is trully going to take the combined efforts of EVERYONE on H.I. to fix.
Posted by:May 14th 2004, 02:16:36 pm
island ladyWhat ever happened to foot patrol, like the old days. Only time that I ever see the police these days is driving around the island in a Jeep.

If I were a criminal and up to making some mischief, and I heard the Jeeps, I'd take off running.

The island is only so big, why can't we get a regular foot patrol of both police and local citizens together like they do every place else.
Posted by:May 14th 2004, 02:13:30 pm
fabuloustinyWe are aware that the Police are not only there to protect the winter residents but do they patrol the areas like they should because it is a part of Briland.

Briland is Briland not matter which part you live, whether you are a resident all year or for just a season.
Posted by:May 14th 2004, 12:45:04 pm
BrilandgalHello, its Kayla I would like to give a few comments on the messages posted in regards to the robberies on Harbour Island.
First and foremost the police has done a awesome job in keeping the crime rate to a minimum, I wish to inform you crime has decrease tremendously since Inspector Robert Higgs has come to Harbour Island. I am to further advise that the police must be commended for what they are doing.

From my knowledge, I am aware that police officers are not hired by Government to monitor winter residence homes all day,every day, that is way I suggest that residences hire a security officer to monitor thier homes on a day to day basis.

We must remember that the police have other jobs to do like protect our citizen from other crimes. If you as winter residence can assist the police some how, by locking your doors and securing your valuables, this will prevent a robbery from occuring.

Posted by:May 13th 2004, 01:19:32 pm
KimberlyYes, Maddie ... we've made the new police inspector and his entire team, local and central government councils aware of the discussion here, and they're certainly focused on the situation.
Posted by:May 13th 2004, 01:14:22 pm
It seems obvious to me that there is alot of concern about this issue and I hope that the powers that be in local government and the police force are being made aware of these postings.
Please do what you can to make sure they know how we all feel.
Thank you for all you do!
Posted by:May 13th 2004, 12:49:44 pm
fabuloustinyMedia plays a role in everything that happens in our society today, however, I feel that it is not the only cause for the break-ins that are happening.

They are in the process of constructing a "Briland park", I feel that this will help the young kids that are doing some of this stuff because they have notthing to do to occupy their time. Keep in mInd that not every break-in is by young kids, you will be shocked to catch grown men in the act.

Drugs, news fads/ styles, and the need to support these habits are also at fault. It is truly sad to hear that Visitors are no longer feeling safe, and have to go through the same process on vacation as they do at home, in terms of securing their homes and belongings. We most definitely have to nip this before it goes Severely out of Control.

Where are our police officers? Are they not patrolling our streets like they should?
Posted by:May 13th 2004, 10:43:01 am
GinnyWe've been visiting Briland for over 10 years and have unfortunately been robbed twice. On both occasions, the police responded quickly and efficiently, and the thieves were apprehended and prosecuted. Both were adults. While I have no statistics to draw any generalizations as to which age group is responsible for the increase in the crime rate, I do have one observation: Parents world-wide are daunted by task of counter-acting the influence of satellite and cable tv. Does the increase in crime on the Island correlate to the presence of 20+ channels 24/7? Has the presence of cable and satellite tv erroded the community structure by pulling neighborhood gatherings off the street to spend hours watching Jerry Springer's foolishness? I have fond memories of the days when we could go to the beach and leave the cottage unlocked. I fear those days may be over for Briland visitors, as well as for any island polluted by the garbage broadcasted to the world by the greedy media monsters. Brilanders, don't let your island lose its dignity and charm to that! We come to your home to avoid the ugliness of our culture.
Posted by:May 13th 2004, 10:42:32 am
RoroWe were robbed while staying at a rental back in 1995 and had people looking in our window twice in the same house, different years. Needless to say we don't stay there anymore! Everyone, police included, knew who the robber was and did nothing about it. When we first came to Harbour Island in 1985, our room at Valentine's didn't even have a lock. We're headed down at the end of this month and all of this news, not to mention the seeming apathy of the police, has us feeling very sad. The thought of going somewhere else has never been a question. Can't something be done?
Posted by:May 13th 2004, 10:42:14 am
MaddieI agree that the local residents need to start turning in the people responsible for these robberies. Most of the police force are not local and therefor I don't think they know who is resposible as well as the locals do.The kids who robbed us were caught because our local friends told me who did it.
If the locals don't help stop this, they are going to loose the tourists they count on to make a living and the sooner they realize this, the better off we will all be.
Posted by:May 13th 2004, 10:42:01 am
fabuloustinySorry to hear of your misfortunes.
These stories are surprising and disappointing. Briland is a "Jewel" in our Family of Islands and I pride myself in boasting about my home, but at the same time its embarassing to hear our visitors(some of which has made Briland their Vacation home spot and consider it home), talk about robberies that has taken place.

Brilandkid was right when he said blame the parents, in fact blame adults on the Island that see these kids in places that are suspicious and not say a thing to them or their parents. My grandmother would have hit the life out me if I was rumored to have been somewhere I didn't belong.

"Fast cash" is how some of them think of it, they don't think of the consequences if they get caught. I hope we get things under control before our "Bread and Butter" is gone. EMBARASSING!

Has Community Watch been considered?
Posted by:May 12th 2004, 06:57:10 pm
snowyI think it is time for the locals to turn in the bad boys. 2 years ago my daughters (4) sandels were "taken" off a cabana. We thought we had lost them but then realized they were stolen. We headed to town and bought 4 new pairs of shoes. I guess it has gone from shoes to money quite quickly. My friends parents were robbed of $300 cash while they waited on the steps of their home while the maid finished cleaning for their arrival. Then 2 more homes were robbed during our 2 week stay in March. It is much more rampant than reported. It escalates quite fast if the robbers are successful and not caught!!!!
Posted by:May 11th 2004, 03:00:36 pm
smittyYou gotta be kidding partner.You label burglered tourists "grumpy, snivelling and drivelling?"My old man was on the NY force for 40 years and I don't ever remember him saying more attention was paid to murders and other things as you describe them, then burgleries.I don't know what you do or what oath you live by, if any, but that ain't the way it works.I can tell you've never been frozen with fear in your bed by a burglar in the next room. I'd love to see you under those circumstances.I imagine I'd get a good look at some major league snivelling and driveling.I would say until it happens to you, there's really know way you have any idea what you're talkng about and ask you say no more.You've already made yourself look bad enough.
Posted by:May 11th 2004, 10:59:37 am
smittyOn an island the size of HI there are no surprises.The officials and the natives all know who the few bad boys are.If I'm not mistaken crime went thru the roof several years ago on Jamaica and the result was the island was almost totally removed from the tourist list of destinations if I remember right for many years. I can only wonder what that would do to the prosperity of Briland where at least 80% of the income is tourism. Sooner or later these breakins are going to get nasty and someone is going to get caught by the wrong person and I'm afraid there will be blood shed.Enough said.There's no point in going on and on.I wish I could offer a solution but like crime everywhere, it will be slow in coming.I can only wish you luck,HI. Ken
Posted by:May 11th 2004, 10:59:16 am
ColinAt the risk of raising a question no one wants to answer:

Why are the police almost always from somewhere that is not Briland?

Given the tight-knit nature of Briland society how realistic is it to expect cops who are often regarded with suspicion or just ignored to do a decent job.

If I had been a cop in Nassau I'm not sure I'd pay much attention to the snivellings and drivellings of a few grumpy burgled tourists when there are murders to be solved and other things to do.

When was the last time Briland had a native son, or at least someone from Eleuthera, on the force?

Does Bahamian police recruiting need to change? Or am I raising a shadow?

Posted by:May 11th 2004, 01:00:27 am
MSHillsWow - I'm sorry and amazed at your terrible experiences. We've been visiting for 30 years and still feel safe. Yet I can understand how you all must be feeling. I would never return if we were robbed. I would be so sad and hurt and disappointed. Where I live in the USA we don't lock our houses either - so that's the bottom line for me.
I LOVE HARBOUR ISLAND and all the people I know who live there.
Posted by:May 10th 2004, 11:15:28 am
Really sorry to hear of your misfortune.It must have ruined an otherwise great vacation.My wife and I have been coming to the island every year for 20 years.Hardly as long as you, but have experienced the same trauma.A break in at 2 am while we slept in an upper bedroom.Fortunately for the robber (and me) I was unable to get a hold of him and introduce him to a NY welcome.We have lived in fear ever since and sleep with all the lights on and one eye open ever since. The police were only marginally interested and seemed bored with it all.I suppose one could ask why we return every year and live like that and if we don't like it just go some pace else.A good question.Wish I had an answer.

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