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Theft on HI
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Posted by:May 8th 2004, 01:56:39 pm
That was a good , right to the point post. I thank you. The simple truth is this...If the persons doing this are more scared of the locals than the police, if they know that doin something like they are doing will NOT be tolerated by the community,if they know they are being watched and if caught justice will be dealt, then they will stop. The only reason this has got out of control is that there is no fear of being turned in.
Take back your Island....I love it, I also know it will never be what it was at one time. But then neither am I.
Posted by:May 8th 2004, 01:56:24 pm
Posted by:May 8th 2004, 12:04:58 pm
BrilandkidHi! I wish to say I am deeply sorry and hurt on hearing the misfortune of your friends in Briland. This deeply saddens me as I am a born and raised True brilander (Harbour Islander). The actions of these few sorry SO and SO that are too darn lazy and iliterate to get a job and to those so call true brilander's who live on the home there on Briland who sit back and do nothing must act and get involve otherwise it is going to cost them Dearly. they depend on the tourist dollar, cause they forgot how to fish and farm and now they have forgotton how to protect thier only source of revernue they better get involve and try to put a stop to this. I do not care how pissed they are at me. But stop those thieveing idiot's that are doing this. Some of you know who they are and they are take all you down with them. You are just as much an idiot as they if you do do what is morally right. Please turn them in to the law. If any of you are concealing a crime you are just as criminal as they. We true, true real Brilander's were not raise as thieves and robbers. There was a time when T.Berlin Hardware left the store unattended If someone came to buy a supplies they left the payment on the counter, there was no theft. I know in realty these days are gone, But we still have some kind of moral value left huh?. So stop protecting these looser's. the Police can't do nothing if you are witholding the information. This is to the police In Harbour Island. Your best is not good enough some of you Bahamaian Police are just ego tripping. What Does the word Public servant's mean to you? Do your Job! Some of you are borderline criminals yourself. So yu bes chek yusef.

So those of you young one's and visitor's to Briland who do not know me I 'am the one that started Christmas junkanoo Parade in Briland. I am A Bonafide Brilander, true true Brilandkid with morals and self respect. No fake just the real deal..

So to our visiting friend's. on behalf of the true honest and good people of my home town Harbour Island. Please except our humble and sincere apoligy for the misfortune that became you on your visit here. With assistance of our law abiding citizens, residents and police this terrible evil will be put to a stop!! So we can again be blessed with you pressence in Harbour Island again.

Thank you.
Posted by:May 7th 2004, 06:50:26 pm
PinksandI hate to write this and was not going to, but because of the other messages I thought this should be made public.
My wife and I have 2 very dear friends that try to come to HI every year. They are older, in their 70's. They both are gentle people,loving people,that see good in everything. They love the island and the Islanders. If someone needed something they would do all they could to help them.
Well, in 2003 we were all out for a little jaunt and when we got back they had been robbed. They were hurt deeply, I was pissed about it. There are few things more personal than someone taking something of someone elses.
Guess what, this past March, 2004 they were robbed not once but TWICE. Whoever is doing this is real tuff! Breaking into the home of two elderly people 3 times in 2 years takes a tremendous amount of courage.The police could virtually have cared less. Maybe we need more like Calander back on the island.
So now here are the results......
1)They probably will not be back.
2)I do not tell people about the little island anymore. I once loved it, I now must question its saftey.
3)I know of several others who may have made their last trip to your island.

How long can you afford to loose this revenue?

What makes this place much different than anywhere else?

If its breaking and entering whats next.....?

I have brought my children, my friends, my grand children and others over the course of the last 25 years. Some were a little nervous about going, I could reassure them of the saftey of the island. I can no longer do that.

My youngest daughter has always had a dream, that of being married on HI. She has found out about this, she is hurt and worried. She said "How can I have a wedding on HI and invite my friends and family if it is no longer safe?"

Think about know who it make the call, it better be right, because unless you do something and do it fast they will be stealing from you. Why? There will be no tourists or winter residents left to steal from.


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