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Computer Learning Center-Library Changes
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Posted by:May 11th 2004, 01:04:27 am
KimberlyHi, Don and Judy:
Thanks for the morning updates on the library at Just wanted to let you know that since their posting this morning, Richette Percentie, Chanella Percentie, Kayla Davis, Naomi Fowler and Sheril Johnson have all indicated that they are finalizing proposals for various workshops that they would like to offer on a regular basis at the community computer center in the library, and that Comm. Cooper has suggested that they work with him directly to refine the workshop goals.

Sounds like a win-win all around. If we can get something like this going on a regular basis, then there should be no issue with getting occasional workshops [IBM Nassau, Karen Malcolm's June arts and crafts workshop et al.] off of the ground, either.

Posted by:May 10th 2004, 12:04:15 pm
Judy Persons who have used the newly reopened Sir George Roberts Memorial Library have experienced many changes - a fresh, clean look - many additional books especially in the reference and nonfiction children's selections - the beginning of a Bahamian/Caribbean Collection - a checkout/lending policy - the reading/reference room for more quiet work - and the computer learning room.
The computer area itself looks much as it has in the past. The change in its name reflects the change in its usage. Now as it interfaces and becomes part of the library, the room takes on a new focus--that of a learning center. The computers are available for research and informational purposes and for structured classes only. The computer area is open only when an adult monitor or instructor is available. Past experience has proven this to be necessary.
The Library feels this is the best policy to follow in order to be consistent with our established goals. Persons wishing to check their e-mail, send e-mails or i-messaging, or playing games are directed to the Big Apple or Arthur's Bakery as the library does not want to be in competition or take away from local businesses in any way. This new policy has worked. Visitors hoping to use the Internet upon hearing of our new policy are most agreeable.
Constructive learning using the 3 computers available has and is taking place as an extension of the reference room during the after school hours. Students have used the computer in conjunction with the wonderful sets of reference books that are now available. Overall the usage of both have been taken more seriously - this, of course, has been our goal. This has been especially true February through April as volunteer mentors consistently were available from 3:30 to 6 pm and on Saturdays. In addition to using the computer room for homework or research projects, eight adults have completed a series of basic computer skill classes. These students were appreciative and eager to learn more.
As more persons with computer skills step forward to volunteer, the library hopes to add other computer experiences - perhaps a series of more advanced classes, reinforcement or practice sessions for students who have completed the All Age School's business introductory class. These are possibilities under consideration given the need and a reliable adult leader. A family computer night demonstrating educational software could be a possibility. Again -- the emphasis being "learning". As our library continues to operate, expand, and grow we may be able to offer printing and scanning services. This is costly and needs further evaluation. Sound planning and reliable staffing will be key as we consider these things.
Yes, new policies and changes are in place at our library. We hope you will agree with them and as a result find your visit and time spent there pleasurable.

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