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The Fire Truck Has Arrived!
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Posted by:May 21st 2004, 02:23:00 pm
That's wonderful news!

Thanks to all that worked hard to raise the funds for the truck and to everyone who donated. I am sure you are glad to see that it is going to pay off!

Continue to work towards making Briland better for ALL !!!
Posted by:May 21st 2004, 12:39:13 pm
Fig Tree News TeamAt
Fire Truck Arrives Shrink wrapped!

(May 20, 2004)The new fire truck rolled off the G&G at Government dock Wednesday covered tight in shrinkwrap that prevented anything being added or removed during shipment. Fire Chief Jefferson Johnson and other volunteers unwrapped the shiny red truck before cranking up the sirens and hopping aboard for a celebratory ride around town.

This will help us deal better and faster with fires like the Valentines fire of 1999 and the several fires we've seen this year," said Fire Committee member Daryl Johnson.

Daryl traveled to Ocala, Florida to be trained in using and maintaining the truck along with Chief Jefferson and volunteers Thomas Malossi and Dannard Anderson. "Maintenance is going to make all the difference," said Daryl. "We appreciate all the contributions that have been made for purchasing the truck. Now the real difference in how it serves us will be how much maintenance we can afford. The local government will make a basic budget, but a higher level of weekly maintenance will guarantee she's there when we need her." Harvey Roberts noted that the government expects to ask each household to donate $100 a year to hire four persons to staff and maintain the truck.

Using the Old Truck
Plans are being considered to continue using the old firetruck (above right)to hold water. The new truck (above left) can use foam for electrical or chemical fires, such as those around marinas. It can also pump 1,200 gallons a minute from a swimming pool or other source. But its small size, which will let it negotiate narrow island roads, means that its own water capacity is 300 gallons compared with the 700 gallons of the old truck. So plans are being considered to continue using the old firetruck to carry water.

How you can help
Donations and local government have covered most of the purchase price of $250,000. But capital donations are still eagerly sought for the remaining $59,000 which has been financed.


$50 - $99 Fireman's Brigade
$100 - $249 Lieutenant's Squad
$250 - $499 Captain's Company
$500 - $999 Commander's Battalion
over $1000 Chief's Circle


$1000 - Supporter
$2500 - Benefactor
$5000 - Guardian
$10,000 + Honorary Fire Chief

As a supporter at any level, you will receive recognition in publicity and an annual sticker to display at your home or business, or on your golf cart, car, truck, or boat.

If your support is at the $500 level or larger, you will receive a special commemorative Fire Fighter's cap.

Donors of $1000 or more will have the opportunity to have a picture of you and your friends with the fire truck.


If you don't need an American tax deduction, make out a check to the Briland Volunteer Fire Department, Account #106-093-8, and mail it to:

The Royal Bank
PO Box EL27024,
Harbour Island, North Eleuthera

If you want an American tax deduction, make the check out to the Briland Modem Fund and mail it to:

Briland Modem Fund
10153 Riverside Drive Suite 244
Toluca Lake, CA 91602

Your check will help us all sleep better at night knowing the protection we need is available. This web site will keep you posted on the status of the drive and where the money goes.

Photos of the fire that ravaged Valentines Marina on March 6, 1999 [see site]

Special thanks are in order to members of the Fire Fundraising committee:

Doug Lorey: Chair
Jefferson Johnson: Deputy Chair
Lisa Aranha: Treasurer
Audrey Curry: Asst. Treasurer
Robert Arthur: Secretary
Daphne Hepburn: Asst. Secretary
Daryl Johnson
Donameche Darville
Kimberly King Burns
Harvey Roberts
Richard Haskell
John Dunkley

This future fire fighter is the nephew of committee member Kimberly King-Burns. Fundraising events will give other children -- of all ages -- a chance to try out the drivers seat.
Posted by:May 21st 2004, 12:15:20 pm
BrilandkidCongratulations!!! team a job well done. Great acomplishments can be achived by team effort!! continue the great achivement's.
Posted by:May 20th 2004, 03:47:46 pm
BlueleganceThis is awesome news guys and i hope that the nbew fire truck brings some great relief to my people take care and god bless..

Posted by:May 20th 2004, 01:52:27 pm
Fig Tree News TeamFire captain Jefferson Johnson and the entire Briland Fire Truck team are happy to announce that the new fire truck has made it to the island, and they are happily showing off its workings to the entire community.

Congratulations to Lisa Aranha Thurston, Doug Lorey, Darrell Johnson, Harvey Roberts, Robert Arthur, Jefferson Johnson, Chief Councillor Eloise Knowles and the entire Harbour Island District Council for a job well done!

Contact us online at