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Speed Bumps
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Posted by:May 25th 2004, 03:27:52 pm
smittyRound up all the junked vehicles, put 'em on a barge, take 'em off shore and dump ''ll have a man made reef with great fishing in no time.That's what we do in NY, somtimes even with the drivers still in 'em.
Posted by:May 25th 2004, 02:51:38 pm
HIflyerMuch as I dislike speed bumps I am thrilled to learn of their installation. The down side is they will render more vehicles junk sooner. I live in the Triana Shores subdivision and we already have one junkyard with another one now up to three vehicles. This needs to change!
Posted by:May 25th 2004, 11:47:00 am
smittySpeed bumps?When I left last year after 2 weeks on the roads with my cart, my kidneys were down around my ankles.I think you need roads first,then you can think about speed bumps.
Posted by:May 24th 2004, 05:31:30 pm
ColinI'm glad to hear the speed bumps are in. I'm sad they are needed.
After Andrew hit and the government allowed many cars and trucks onto the island. I know it was a goodwill effort to help rebuild.

But Briland is mighty small.

Let me offer a proposal likely to attract comment.

Unless you need a car or truck for your business, for emergencies (like the Fire Department truck!) or because you are disabled and only a car or truck will help, why not maintain careful restrictions on the vehicles allowed onto the island?
Cars and trucks are incredibly hard to dispose of once they break down and it clearly costs a great deal to dispose of them elsewhere. All once has to do is note the number of busted cars now dotting the island.
Golf carts and mini-mokes work for almost every purpose on Briland.
Why not require government certification that you cannot do your job or need one for health reasons unless you have a car or truck?
And require those who bring vehicles (including carts and mini-mokes) to dispose of them safely and in compliance with Bahamian environmental laws?
We've discussed numerous times on this board the threat to fishing and the reefs posed by those who ignore Bahamian laws governing those important economic centers.
Don't cars and trucks affect the Briland environment at least as much?
Notice I haven't even raised the safety issue, mainly because I don't know if more people have been injured by or in cars and trucks since the post-Andrew influx!

What say you?
Posted by:May 22nd 2004, 12:07:35 pm
bahamasharonCongratulations to Eloise Saunders and her Local Government members for putting Speed Bumps on some streets on Harbour Island.

I think we need more of them especially on Bay Street!

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