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India India
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Posted by:Jul 17th 2004, 02:07:06 pm
BlueleganceExcuse me Ms. Dominique i am not tryin to bad mouth u but for a person who has never set foot on the island u surely have a lot to say... However, u must neve adhere to what foreigners or who ever boast about a place or community that u know nothing about... All of this hear say, he say she say is foolishness and pure rubbish.

On another note yes india is doing a good job in helpin the few places operated by foreingners and i assume refuses to contribute to the committees operated by Brilanders....
Posted by:Jul 12th 2004, 01:14:53 pm
JohnI am sorry to see this type of comments on the internet as it does not accomplish anything but animosity. India has done much and has contributed to the Harbour Island Day Nursery which benefits all of us on the Island as we are dependent on contributions to operate the nursery. Thanks to all who assist.
Posted by:Jul 11th 2004, 05:46:23 pm
brilandqueen_12I wish to reply to the statement you made in reference to India Hicks and her family. Let me first of all inform you that we the people of Harbour Island are in no way jealous of what Mr. India has or has inherit, I feel that your statement is rude, and very insulting. Let me inform you that there are rules and regulations set aside for persons, including Ms. India Hick that must be followed. Ms. Hick only contributes to programmes such as the Dunmore School project ask Ms. Hick if she contibutes towards the Junkanoo, Regatta Association or any other committee that are headed by a local Briland.

Dominque, I would encourage you to ensure that all your facts are correct before you decided to bad mouth or judge us Brilanders.

Posted by:Jul 9th 2004, 10:59:17 am
DominiqueDear Harbour Islanders,
Living in Belgium, Europe, I have indeed heard of Harbour Island for the first time thanks to India Hicks, whom I like very much. I am surprised that you are so eager to preserve your own little community while gossiping and talking so mean on India Hicks and her family. I am not sure to ever visit your island if the mentality is so cheap. You might grow into a boring, narrow-minded bunch of jealous people, living on criticising their neighbour. India is supporting the school her children attend, well isn't that normal for a start ? What do you support ? Why does India have to support every project on your island ? Let India live her life ! She is busy enough. She is a model, a designer, promoting her work, the beauty of the place she lives in. Her interior design is snobbish ? I find it very attractive. Deadly expensive for all the RL items but very inspiring for setting up my own little place, with the means I have. White linen is not exclusively RL, ok ! And I can make cushions myself.
I am glad to read the positive comments on this board, especially the article on the Mountbatten's long history on the island, excellent ! As for the others, close your windows, your doors, because Harbour Island will indeed soon horrify your selfish little souls. Don't take India for your scapegoat, she and her family deserve more. I wish I met her once.


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