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My Fellow Bahamians: A Wish For You, by George Major
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Posted by:Jul 9th 2004, 07:51:39 pm
Fig Tree News TeamGeorge Major,

Some days are better than others. Some days we wake up in the middle of our sleep and realize that we have found something that really matters to us, something we really love. We find the masterpiece of our lives and actually at times feel the passion we need to complete the work. Today was one of those days for me. I have found a renewed passion to work and write as much as I can about the island of Eleuthera, its people and its relation to the country of the Bahamas.

We live in different worlds. Its evident through the attitudes of people we meet and their opinions of our local society. Everyone says we’re nice, friendly people after spending a week among us. Their surface view is a continual asset we depend on as an indicator in our tourism trade but it goes deeper than that. There is much more these people do not know about us. They do not know our lives intricately. They know only a surface view, a birds eye view, a spiders view, a simple peek into the complicated lives we live in paradise.

We are burdened at times with this view. How do we explain that paradise exists only in the minds of the beholder, like beauty it evades us at times and plays tricks on our minds. Our leaders use this elusive description of paradise to influence us that we are actually living envied lives that people take for the valuable elevated lives they wish to live if given the opportunity. If so, if they are correct then why do we have these nagging miseries that drive us to all manner of undesirable existence. These undesirable existences manifest themselves mainly externally through the most visible undesirable practices. The abuse of Alchohol, the abuse of drugs like Marijuana and Cocaine are other manifestations of our illnesses. Our dependence on unregulated government employment is another of these to which the majority of Eleutherians, in fact Bahamians subscribe.

Life is a splendor. Life is a mystical experience, which should be experienced and lived with utmost attention to creativity and productivity. We must find something in life which we love to do and do it well. We must find a definition of mastery along our travel in life and grow from infancy in existence to grow by leaps and bounds realizing accomplishments beyond our wildest dreams. This is civilized life. The unfettered ability environmentally, socially and economically to dream our most eccentric, pleasant dreams. We must have the freedom of choice to explore our ideas and interest with a fascination that has the ability to motivate our curiosity and satisfy our desires, as do the astronauts who travel beyond the stars. Our day-to-day existence while exploring these necessities is menial. Whether we’re rich or poor is secondary and should not be the primary focus. Whether we accomplish our masterwork of art in our existence is unconditional. We must aspire to greatness in literature, art, business and science.

We all know that our potential is limitless. That we can accomplish almost any goal we set out to achieve. Each of us has a need to experience this mastery in life. Why political organizations corrupt this basic premise of their conditional relationship with its citizens is at the heart of whether we live in paradise or not. Paradise is a state of mind, less likely a place. Yet they flock here by the thousands to experience some measure of paradise on earth. As they trample through our garbage, excuse our jagged manners and travel along our lonely shores we grant them some measure of paradise.

Paradise is a conditional state of mind. Have you felt the exhilaration derived from your elusive masterwork? Have you experienced paradise?

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