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Should Bahamains accept Homosexuality as a normal Behavior
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Posted by:Jul 21st 2004, 07:50:23 pm
brialndbeautMy Bahamaland!! I am among the silent voices in the Bahamas that prohibited and facilitated the vocies that represented our country the other day. I decided to "let it ride", my opinion wouldn't matter or sway anyone else's. I was wrong, I think if there were more individuals, like me, cultured and humanistic, the protesters would not have sounded as vocal as they did. Believe it or not, it was not only the Bahamas and the US who heard their voices but the entire planet!!! Do we want to be a hypocritical, naieve, sheltered nation? Well, if we do, the advancements we seek, will be far beyound our reach. You can have an opinion, you could decide to voice it but you can't speak for an entire people, if there is at least 1 that disagrees with your statements. Gays are human before they are anything else!! They have just as much rights as we do...we maybe baffled but their decisions but they are in fact, "their decisions". To refuse them their rights would suggest that "WE" wish to still be in the dark ages, where bashing and ridiculing was an everyday event for black people. Come on guys, the Bahamas is a young nation, prosperous and ever changing.

Economically, we are in no position to shun prespective tourist or anyone who is helping us. We are a beautiful country but there are hundreds of others just like ours waiting for us to do just what we've done. Basically, we've told the world that, yes, we are a religious counrty and yes, we have moral standards but no we don't wish to have our people tanted by these 'lost individual'; thus ulternately saying, Yes we are insecure and yes, we are vulnerable to suggestibility and persuasion.

Besides, don't you think it's a little late to start saying that your country doesn't welcome gay people, when soooo mny already live here!! Born and outside influence what so ever. Makes me wonder, were the ones who were protesting, also the ones that are 'still in the closet' and highly confused about their own sexuality?

I can't speak for anyone else but I wish I did...I'd be the only one at that boat with a "WELCOME TO THE BAHAMAS" sign and meant it.

Thanks for finally listening...although it's a day late and thousands of dollars short!
Posted by:Jul 20th 2004, 06:27:28 pm
Richard P"Dear Rev. Moxey:
As concerned citizens of the Out Islands of the Bahamas, we beseech you to take a look in the mirror before you advance another media offensive on people whose alternate lifestyle you disagree with. Intolerance in any form is a criminal attack on humanity, and your 'leadership' at the recent protests on Bay Street in Nassau was embarrassing to loving islanders everywhere.

We expect our Christian leaders to live by example, and show the rest of the world that no one save He who is without sin is to cast the first stone. You, a man of importance in the religious community in Nassau, led a ragtag team of protesters who couldn't even print out literate slogans on their placards, lowering all of you to the intellectual level of the worst Ku Klux Klan desecrators who fight against women, Jews, blacks and Catholics every day.

Watching the recent protests of the 'gay' cruise stopping in Nassau was an embarrassing exercise, as the comments from our visitors from around the world have questioned whether or not the Bahamas has lost its collective soul and mind. We are doing our level best to inform these long-time friends of ours that the welcome mat is indeed still out for them.

In the meantime, we recommend that you look for occasional examples within your own ministry ** rampant sweethearting, alchoholism, outside children ** before taking on caricatured positions that only make Bahamians look like the least intelligent people in the Caribbean Basin."
Posted by:Jul 20th 2004, 12:01:40 pm
fabuloustinyHomosexuality is a REALITY. whether or not Bahamians should accept it doesn't mean it will go away. In Society today, there are alot of Homosexuals, quite frankly I believe there is nothing WE can do about it. We all live our lives the way we want, who are we to dictate to someone else how they should live there lives?????
Yes, the Bible says that it is WRONG, but do we follow simple Commandments God has set for US? Lets not get it twisted!

If we raise our children according to the teachings and sayings of God they will not stray from it and they will know right from Wrong.

Sweep your OWN Doorstep before you cast judgement on others!
Posted by:Jul 18th 2004, 08:45:48 pm
island ladyi say to each his own, we are not to judge each other. he who is without sin is to cast the first stone ... and I have yet to meet anyone like that so far
Posted by:Jul 17th 2004, 02:07:37 pm
BrilandkidWell here-e's ROSIE brining to the Bahamas a ship of fools. I can only pray for their souls she and her followers are sadly misled. to rewrite the Bible that homsexual behavior is of Family of value. If the word of the Lord is wrong then they have nothing to fear only that in the next life they will return as tiny cockroches. But on the other hand if God's word is right then there will be the judgment, condemnation into an eternal lake of fire along with all who have turn against his word. we has christian's do not give hate just give prayers, for the many lost souls who have chosen the unrightous path to self destruction. Be steadfast and firm in your belief of the Lord. Be excepting of them as human beings as we are all God's creation. But do not in no way except their evil lifstyle in our Bahamain society as a norm. and hold your elected officals accountable for their exceptance based only on the greed not the need. let them know we will never except this trpe lifstyle as a need. read 1corinthian ch5 9-13 read it for yourselves. May the lord have mercy on their souls. A ship of fools.

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