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New uncensored forum for Brilander's online soon
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Posted by:Jul 20th 2004, 12:02:44 pm
BrilandkidYes of course Harbour Island has two lovely and exciting and informative forums. The next potential forum of which I speak is an outlet not just for Briland, but the entire Bahamas and the internet at large. One can speak about any topic from the pink beaches of Scotland or the conflict in Iraqi or the double dealing of the Bahamain politians, or the double standards of the Imperialist gorilla nations and treatment of Third world countries. If you wish you can post and inquire or blast the Israelites about the palestian struggle. thus a wide open forum. You can be creative. Briland (Harbour Island)is now a part of the world comunity.
Posted by:Jul 20th 2004, 12:02:06 pm
KristelThe problem with an uncensored forum is that it becomes a unattractive gripe location that can result in turning tourists away from the island. Since many Brilanders earn their living from tourism, this could be a bad thing. I agree that it is important to have a forum to bring attention to problems in the community - but I would hope that users of this forum will not only bring problems to light, but offer solutions at the same time. That way, if people in power see the entries, they will also see ways to correct the issues. Used correctly, this site can be very powerful. Used incorrectly, this site can be very damaging.
Posted by:Jul 18th 2004, 08:47:52 pm
Richard PNew forum for Harbor Island? We alreaddy have two excellent forums, and myharbourisland. What nwe will your forum bring to the conversation? Good luck with your endeavours ........
Posted by:Jul 17th 2004, 02:06:50 pm
BrilandkidA new and exciting open forum for Briland and the Bahamas. A forum that will not be censored! a freedom of expression! a no holds barred forum. A forum that allow's one to freely express one self. A free people believe's in freedom of speech without censorship. So here we go no censored forum for Briland.

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